Home with You

Album: Magdalene (2019)


  • Here, FKA Twigs sings about feeling pulled in all directions.

    The more you have the more that people want from you
    The more you burn away the more the people earn from you
    The more you pull away the more that they depend on you

    Everyone - friends, family and lovers – seem to want a piece of the singer. Said Twigs: "Home with You' reinforced my reoccurring suspicion that when I'm in doubt, I should follow my gut and go home."
  • Twigs penned the song in one go with Ethan P. Flynn, her writing partner on "Fallen Alien" and "Mirrored Heart." The singer explained to Billboard that she was feeling frustrated that day as she reflected on her background as a woman of color from a loving, creative, but broken family. Now that she's getting older, there are more people depending on her, but what sort of example is she to look up to?

    "I look at a lot of strong women who maybe I'm supposed to model myself after, and they seem too majestic," said Twigs. "I don't relate to that. My heart lies in something that's far more vulnerable."
  • Twigs highlights the song's idea of not feeling like a queen all the time when she sings: "I've never seen a hero like me in a sci-fi."

    Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Future Sounds with Annie Mac, she explained the lyric is aimed at film franchises with female characters she can't relate to.

    "In this age where we're obsessed with super heroes and all these huge franchises making these amazing big films, I'm yet to see a female character who is beautifully strong and perfect and flawed and is a full range," she explained. "Even our idea of what a pop star is or idea of what a female icon is is often very complete. I grew up with these amazing women standing there in a sparkly outfit, hair blowing in a wind machine, fist pumping in this moment when they appear on stage. That's amazing and it's so valid but it's just not how I am."
  • The song combines two completely different genres - Twigs likened them to Apple Music as "Elton John chords and a hip-hop riff." She added: "It's a ballad and it's sad, but then it's a bop as well, even though it doesn't quite ever give you what you need."
  • The song title comes from a lyric at the beginning of the chorus. Twigs talks about wanting lonely people to communicate in one simple sentence how they feel, rather relying on manipulation.

    I didn't know that you were lonely
    If you'd have just told me, I'd be home with you

    She told Genius: "Sometimes it's just easier to say exactly how you feel, so instead of like making up a problem here or making up a problem there if you just say like, 'Hey. I'm lonely like do you want to just come and hang out? That is easier to deal with rather than like the guilt trip."


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