Man Of The World

Album: The Very Best of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac (1969)
Charted: 2
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  • Like most of the early Fleetwood Mac songs, this was written by Peter Green. It is a very sad song, a real cry from the heart. At the time of writing this Peter Green was struggling with the band's success, and his increasing fortune. His instabilities had been bought to a head by a three day LSD binge.

    Mick Fleetwood recalled that "Man Of The World" was "like saying 'please help me'" and Peter Green's leaving the band was "the most threatening thing that I can relate to in the ranks of Fleetwood Mac."
  • In 1996, Mojo magazine tracked down Peter Green, who retained most of his memories from the '60s before started taking LSD. Regarding this song, Green quipped: "The lyrics are corny, hammy. Shall I tell you about my life?... My life! That's Jewish for a start, isn't it?!" (Green was raised Jewish)
  • Peter Green quit Fleetwood Mac a year after this was released and gave all his money away to charity. He played a few gigs with the band in 1971, but once again vanished. In 1977, when it seemed he was again interested in performing, Mick Fleetwood arranged a record deal for Green, but it fell through when Peter refused to sign the contract.
  • Reflecting back on the song in 2015, Mick Fleetwood told Mojo: "It's a sad song. Had we known what Peter was saying... What's that line? 'How I wish that I'd never been born.' You know, whoa. It's pregnant with passion, it's a prayer, it's a crying out."

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  • Boleskine from TynesideA very underrated artist due to his musical "low profile" which is just how he likes it I am sure. A fantastic writer & musician, the world would be a sadder place without him. Music brings out so many memories and emotions and Peter Green writes from the heart. Thanks for your music & honesty. Phil
  • John Dearden from ThailandI met Peter Green a few times in a hamburger bar in Richmond, London in 1986. Over a course of conversations I asked him which of his songs represented him the most and he looked at me as if I had fallen off the planet. "Man Of The World of course." I went home and listened closely to the lyrics and I could see that he was basically saying what his view of the world was at that time. He hated the fame and money that was being thrown at him as he only wanted to write and play good music. When the song ends with "And how I wish I was in love" it showed that he needed someone to understand him.
  • Karen from Manchester, NhMick Fleetwood paid tribute to his old bandmate in the Fleetwood Mac song "These Strange Times". He even uses the lines "I once had a friend/said he was a Man of the World" and "I wish I was in love". Haunting song, not actually sung, but "narrated" by Mick himself, with Bekka Bramlett singing background "Faith...have faith..." and his daughter adding dialog "Daddy, daddy, hold on; God is now here...God is now here..." It's on the "Time" album.
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