Welcome to the Room... Sara

Album: Tango In The Night (1987)


  • In the mid-1980s every Fleetwood Mac member was a drug addict. Stevie Nicks was the worst – she was doing a lot of cocaine and a plastic surgeon warned her of severe health problems if she did not stop. After Nicks finished touring her solo album in 1986, she took herself into rehab to dry out. This fever dream of a drug-addict hitting rock bottom was inspired by her 30-day stay at the Betty Ford Center.

    When you hang up that phone
    Well you cease to exist
    Welcome to the room Sara

    Nicks used the pseudonym "Sara Anderson" when she checked into the facility.
  • "Sara" is an alter-ego of sorts for Stevie Nicks and the name of a song she wrote and sang on Fleetwood Mac's 1979 Tusk album.
  • The "Tara" and "Scarlett" mentions in the lyric reference characters in the book and movie Gone with the Wind. "Tara" is the name of the plantation where the action takes place; Scarlett is the ambitious but conflicted female lead.

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  • Claire from BifSara is in fact a woman called Sara Decor.... When Stevie had an affair with Mick Fleetwood, he broke her heart by dumping her for her best friend. The meaning of 'welcome to the room, Sara' is that her friend had now become part of the tumultuous relationships in this group. 'The first cut is the deepest one of all, and the second one...' Referring to the heartache from the relationships with Lindsay Buckingham, then Fleetwood. 'well, I thought that you were mine' self explanatory that one. And the last verse 'when you hang up that phone, you cease to exist, welcome to the room Sara', welcome,. Welcome everyone'. She's referring to a conversation she had with Mick Fleetwood and the end of the relationship after she found out about Sara. And now everyone knows .
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