Album: Mail on Sunday (2008)
Charted: 20 16
  • This song was produced by and features Timbaland. Flo Rida told Pyro Radio how their collaboration came about: "The second single came about through E Class who's the CEO of Poe Boy Entertainment, he's great friends with Timbaland, normally you'd need a $100,000 to get into the studio with Timbaland but I found out he's a fan of me and he had to a favor for his brother E Class, so we were in the studio for four days, for a first time artist that's unheard of, the first two days I acquainted with him and got to vibe with him and he has a love for music but at the same time me and him have in common that we put God first, the last couple of days we came up with 'Elevator' and then we shot the video about a week and a half later you got cameos in the video with Rick Ross, Cool and Dre, Lil Boosie, Brisco, Triple C. Working with Timbaland on Elevator was a dream come true, we were both out of the same camp Devante of Jodeci, he was apart of that movement early on and for three years I've been working with Devante also we have a lot in common."
  • R&B singer Christina Milian appears in the song's music video.


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