Total Life Forever

Album: Total Life Forever (2010)
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  • This is the title track of Oxford five-piece alternative rock band Foals' second studio album. The song was inspired by American inventor and futurist writer Raymond Kurzweil's book about artificial intelligence, The Singularity is Near, which frontman Yannis Philippakis had read. Bassist Walter Gervers told The Yorkshire Post that it, "struck chords in him. We all therefore became involved." He added: "A.I. is terrifying but fascinating – the idea that the future is at a point where we can almost see it. I think in the past people thought, 'Yes, eventually things will be like this.' Now terrifying intelligence is becoming a reachable point."
  • Philippakis told The NME that he doesn't literally believe in 'TLF.' He said: "I don't think that'll ever happen. I just like the phrase. I've been reading this book called Singularity, which got me thinking about it. I don't want to live forever, and I don't think I will as I'm in pretty bad shape for my age."
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