Album: In Your Honor (2005)
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  • This song appears to be about Kurt Cobain. Here's the evidence:
    "Resolve" - This could mean coming to a final decision on Cobain's Death, or resolve in musical terms means going from a harsh, disagreeable combination of sounds to a close correspondence of sounds (ie. Nirvana's Distortion to Foo Fighter's Harmonic Sound).
    "Swingin' from the chandeliers" - in Nirvana's "Come As You Are" video, Cobain is Swinging from the chandelier.
    "I remember watchin' you, once upon a time, Dancing from across the room" - As Nirvana played, all Dave Grohl could do was watch Kurt dance about the stage while he was stuck behind his drums.
    "In another life" - for Grohl, so much has happened since Nirvana it seems so long ago.
    "Lookin' back to find my way, never seemed so hard" - after Kurt's death, Dave found he had some hard decisions, as Nirvana was no more.
    "Yesterday's been laid to rest" - Kurt's been laid to rest."Changing of the guard" - Dave felt he had to look out for Kurt, now he is saying that is someone else's role (God).
    "I would never change a thing, even if I could" - Dave wouldn't have it any other way because he would not have gotten the chance to write songs and sing. It could also mean he wouldn't change a thing about when him and Kurt were together.
    "All the songs we used to sing, everything was good" - Dave used to do some backing vocals on Nirvana tracks, doubled up with Kurt's voice. >>
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    AJ - London, England

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  • Jason from JacksonvilleI'd like to correct the end, where "..would never change a thing" could really translate to "Our Nirvana songs were fine the way they were"
  • Chris from Galatia, IlThis song is about a carpet cleaning chemical!
  • Benjamin from Chicago, IlThis song is NOT about Kurt Cobain.
  • Layton from Paris, TxThis is one of my favorite Foo Fighters songs. It crazy how the Foos can take just an easy chord progression and turn it into something amazing. This song is just a G, A7, Em, D chord progression. Simple riffs, great songs.
  • Godwin from Masvingo, ZimbabweFunny why there are so little comments while its such a great song.
  • Dan from Ramona, CaYeah I'm a huge foo fan and that video is not Resolve its DOA!
  • Bert from Pueblo, NmThis song fact is just an over-analsys. You could probably say the exact same thing (minus the "Come As You Are" video, which Dave probably doesn't even remember) as evidence for it being about anybody
  • Cari from Knebworth, EnglandI love the video for this song, it shows the Foo's in fine humor as usual. I especially like the bit where Resolve is playing in the background while everyone's eating in the sushi bar and Dave starts singing it exageratedly.
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