Where'd You Go

Album: The Rising Tied (2005)
Charted: 4


  • Fort Minor is a side project of Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda. He claims that the song is not autobiographical, but is written from the perspective of the person left behind in long-distance relationships. It's a message about the consequences of putting career ahead of family. >>
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    Donovan Berry - El Dorado, AR
  • The music video demonstrates the message of the song by featuring real people, including a girl with divorced parents, the wife of professional baseball player Mark Prior and the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq during the Gulf War. At the end of the video, a message appears saying, "'Where'd You Go' was filmed in the homes of three families who share the same sense of loneliness as this song. Thank you for sharing your homes and stories with us - Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor." >>
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    Alex - Parrsboro, Canada
  • Holly Brook Hafermann, who was known at the time as just "Holly Brook," is the female singer and appears in the video. She signed to Linkin' Park's Machine Shop Records after guitarist Brad Delson heard her demo tape. After the song's success, Hafermann maintained a low profile for a few years until helping co-write Eminem's hit "Love The Way You Lie" under her stage name of Skylar Grey.

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  • Bitsis from La Vernia, Txthis is just like my gf she moved but we still love eachother
  • Zuko from Rancho , UtI feel like this everyday. Ever since my best boyfriend and I had to split to go home, it is hard to see everyone with their loved ones, when mine is a million miles away. Its a desperate, longing feeling, something that just can't go away, and this song relates to it in the best way.
  • Nick from London, EnglandBrilliant song with great lyrics and a good beat.
  • Ian from Newport, RiIt's a sad song, but I find it kind of funny that it is partially about Mark Prior. The entire video, I thought of how Cubs fans were thinking the same thing.
  • Sierra from Sactown, Cathis song maked me cry, even though i am not in this spot, it makes me cry thinking about it
  • Kelsi from Ionia, MiWow...i think i listen to this song everyday also...i know what these people are going through...my brother has just left for the Iraq war..and wow,,,i hear this song and just cry....so i'm with all the people that know what it is like.....come home safe,,,,,<3
  • Damian from Melbourne, AustraliaI only started to listen to Fort Minor recently and I loved this song as soon as I heard it.
    Mike has said how the perspective of the person away from their family is overdone. I love how he has done it from the family perspective
  • Zoey from Irvine, CaThis song should be about the war, not long distance relationships. it should be about a girl who's boyfriend goes to war, and she is nervous for him and misses him. now that's touching. Go FORT MINER!
  • Eric from Milltown, InLove this song. Mike is a great lyricist and Holly is a beautiful singer. Great beat to it. Can't wait till the next Linkin Park cd.
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