Static Space Lover

Album: Sacred Hearts Club (2017)
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  • This song is a duet between the band's frontman Mark Foster and actress Jena Malone of Donnie Darko and The Hunger Games fame. Malone is also a musician who has released music both under her own name and as one-half of the duo The Shoe.
  • Mark Foster and Jena Malone wrote the majority of the song with Foster the People multi-instrumentalist Isom Innis over the course of one night. Foster recalled to

    "Isom and Jena Malone started it from the ground up one evening over a bottle of Mezcal. She wrote her first verse and sang it. She and I wrote the chorus together and laid it in.

    And then about a year and a half later when the rest of the record was coming together, I wrote and did the vocals to the second verse and finished it.

    It was one of those rare moments where the spirit is just in the room. And to be honest, I'd attribute a lot of that to the cosmic pixie dust that seems to follow Jena wherever she goes."
  • The song is a track from Sacred Hearts Club. It was Jena Malone who suggested the album name. Mark Foster explained: "We were both in Myanmar travelling solo on a pilgrimage of sorts. There was one day that overlapped where we were in the same place at the same time. We took a boat down this river in Inle Lake as far as it would go. Through ancient villages, jungles and rice fields. We were talking about the ethereal quality that certain people have, that causes them to look at life through a different lens."

    "People like DaVinci, Patti Smith, Hunter S. Thompson, Dali and Kubrick," he added. "People that didn't pay attention to societal norms and always challenged the boundaries put on them. People that wanted to touch, taste, smell, see and hear everything the world has to offer in excess. She called it the Sacred Hearts Club. It became my mantra going into recording this album."
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