Love Cry

Album: There Is Love In You (2010)
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  • Four Tet is the moniker of English post-rock and electronic musician Kieran Hebden. This is the lead single from his fifth studio album, There Is Love In You.
  • There Is Love In You has more vocal tracks on it than any of his previous albums. Hebden explained to Chart Attack that it was this song, which encouraged him to use the human voice: "Using vocals is pretty unusual for me," Hebden said. "I haven't really used vocal sounds much before. The first track I did for the record was 'Love Cry' and I had the sounds I was looking for and it had almost everything going for it that I wanted, but it just needed to go somewhere. So I wanted to do the most unusual thing for me - something that would be unexpected. And the most obvious thing that no one would expect from me would be to use some vocals. And that kind of opened up the floodgates for the record - for a lot of the remaining tracks I thought about what I could do with vocals."
  • Hebden told Chart Attack how There Is Love In You differs from his previous record, 2005's Everything Ecstatic: "With the last album, Everything Ecstatic, I was concerned with full-on energy in music and the ecstasy of pushing things to their peak. The new album, in contrast, is more about the kind of blissful state that music can take us to. I wanted to make a record that was about the idea of bliss through music. The idea of hearing music and experiencing music that takes you to a kind of blissful place. I really wanted that."
    Hebden added that the vocals on the album helped him create the blissful mood and feel he was searching for, however they don't necessarily have any meaning.: "I never really wanted actual words or lyrics for the album," he said, "but I wanted to explore vocal sounds and use them like an instrument. What I've been doing is more influenced by dance music anyway, and with dance music you use vocals in that way to an effect. So I just started experimenting and I like that you can hardly ever make out what the vocals are saying."


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