Love Ire & Song

Album: Love Ire & Song (2008)


  • The title track to Frank Turner's second album, this song finds Turner disaffected, but trying to summon up the hope and spirit of youth that has left him. The song takes place in a bar, where he and his cohorts have been drinking for a while, so it's clear that a lot of his bluster is the whiskey talking.
  • Turner has history degree from the London School of Economics, and often makes historical references in his songs. Regarding the line, "Let's be 1905, but not 1917," he said in his Songfacts interview that it deals with the two Russian revolutions; the 1905 effort failed but the 1917 revolution succeeded. "It's much easier to glorify something that fails than something that succeeds, because if it succeeds then you have to deal with the real‑life consequences of it," said Turner. "So there's something in that."
  • The title "Love Ire & Song," represents the three things Turner feels are the key to happiness in life. It is a play on the phrase "Wine, Women and Song."


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