Walk Away

Album: You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)
Charted: 13


  • The band's vocalist Alex Kapranos told Sunday Times Culture magazine: "I don't see the point of going, 'I'm really, really in love.' There's nothing more boring than that." More interesting he said, are "The subtleties, the unexpected twists that emotions can bring when characters collide. Walk Away is an example of that. You're trying to impose almost a hard, cold face on extreme emotions, and finding yourself undermined by your own passion." >>
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    Edward Pearce - Ashford, Kent, England
  • Franz Ferdinand used Kraftwerk's UK #1 single "The Model" as the basis for this song. Alex Kapranos is one of the German band's most vocal supporters. He once said: "Forget about Dylan, Bowie, the Beatles, The Stones and Elvis. The men who made modern pop music sound the way it does today are called Kraftwerk."

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  • Ashley from Edmonton, AbLove this song
    and i love the politial
    leader mention
  • Robert from Beaverville, IlThe world leaders are a reference to weird little trinkets that the group saw in a New York shop, or so I have read.
  • Caitlin from A City, NcFranz Ferdinand's death sparked the death of World War I, but the political figures mentioned in the song are primarilly associated with World War II. I'm not sure if there is a connection there or not.
  • Lexie from Sydney, Australiawell.. they were all historical politcal figures.. 3/4 were dictactors.. its puzzled me too

    The stab of stiletto
    On a silent night
    Stalin smiles and Hitler laughs
    Churchill claps Mao Tse Tung on the back
  • Stephanie from Kingston, Canadadoes anyone know what they mean at the end when the song mentions Stalin, Hitler,Churchill, and Mao Tse Tung? it might be a stupid question, but what do you think?
  • Danny from Sydney, AustraliaYeah, in Australia we got "Walk Away", "The Fallen" and "Do You Want To" as singles from "You Could Have It So Much Better"
  • Lexie from Sydney, Australiai think it was released in Australia too...
  • Iara from Santiago, ChileThis single was only released in Europe,no in the USA and the single "The Fallen" was used instead
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