Waltz Moore

Album: Heroine (2006)
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  • Sonny Moore wrote this song about his anorexia. The lyrics, "Do you know what it's like to feel ugly all the time?" reflect how he used to feel about his looks. >>
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    Christie - Los Olivos, CA

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    Alot of you are right about one thing, but totally wrong about the other.
    Waltz Moore is about him being subconcious about his looks "do you know what its like to feel ugly all the time" and being bulimic, yes. "I cant eat anything, without shoving my hands down my throat" Nothing about being anorexic or adopted in this. Although he was anorexic too. Which he sings about in World War Me. "Lets starve down to the bone, were looking better boney, who needs figure anyway"
    And Mothersound and After birth are both about him being adopted and being lied to. Mothersound as in to his real mother who gave him away. and after birth: "Breed me, breed me, Give me away
    Lie to me, you lied so bad, Give me away" pretty self explainatory.
  • Emily from Frankiln, Tnok waltz moore is about self image and the way sonny saw his self he had both anorixia and bulimia he is adopted but thats themeaning to the afterbirth song. the song has to do with him but was also written for other people with the problems he had
  • Kaitlin from Harrisonville, Moall right i really don't think this was about his adoption. World War Me was ALL about it. this was more about his bullemia
  • Stephanie from St Colomban, Canadawell both of you are right... this song is about multiple things. its about himslef being so self conscious about his looks, about him being bulimic and not anorexic, and about him being adopted... get your stuff right people...
  • Larissa from Your Town, NyACTUALLY, Waltz Moore is more about the way that Sonny coped to the news that he was adopted.
    The song says..
    "And you had the nerve/
    To call out my weakness.."
    His parents finally told him, and he didn't take it well. This was a sensitive subject for him, seeing that I heard that some of his close friends knew and never told him...
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