No Limit
by G-Eazy (featuring A$AP Rocky & Cardi B)

Album: The Beautiful & Damned (2017)
Charted: 45 5


  • G-Eazy is joined by Cardi B and A$AP Rocky on this boastful track, which finds the three rappers sharing raunchy tales of life as a hip-hop celebrity. The song represents G-Eazy's first collaboration with both artists.
  • G-Eazy explained to Genius about the track's inspiration.
    "I was on tour," he recalled. "I'm checking in and I give the lady at the front desk my name and she said, 'Did you hear? There's an event down the street at the venue. It's sold out. Everyone's talking about it.' I was like, 'Baby I am the event. Thank you for my room key.'"
  • ASAP Rocky is on hook duties in which he reveals how a sexual partner can tell how much he likes her

    If I hit it one time, I'ma pipe her
    If I hit it two times, then I like her
    If I f--- three times, I'ma wife her

    G-Eazy recalled: "We was in L.A., and I was recording. He was in the studio in the room right next to me. It was at a studio where they got the name on the doors, for whoever's recording that day. So, I saw, 'Oh s--t, Rocky in here.' So, I went to say what's up. It was actually him and Playboi Carti, and we're just chilling. Then he came in to listen to what I was working on. I was in the studio with Boi-1da. I was just playing him some of my album and we we're just vibing. Then Boi-1da played that beat and five minutes later, we were just freestyling ideas.

    Rocky said that hook, 'If I hit it one time I'ma pipe her.' I was like, 'Yo! Cut that right now.' Period."
  • The song has a Master P and New Orleans influence, as evidenced by the title referencing P's iconic label. G-Eazy said:

    "I lived in New Orleans, for like six years, so that's always been a part of me. That's my second home. Growing up, even in the Bay, during the Cash Money and No Limit era—that music always really resonated in the Bay. There's always been a connection between Bay Area and New Orleans, culturally. So, that's where I came on the record."
  • Production was handled by Boi-1da and Allen Ritter, who also collaborated on Rihanna (featuring Drake)'s hit tune "Work." Boi-1da told the story of the song to Billboard:

    "I was in the studio with G-Eazy, and it's funny because it was the first beat I played for him. He flipped out when he heard it and immediately started writing to it. Randomly, A$AP Rocky was in the same studio, and just happened to walk into the room. He heard the beat as well and was like, 'Yo. I really like this beat. Is it cool if I try something on it?'

    And after, he just hopped on the beat. What he did was almost a freestyle. I didn't see him write anything down. He just went in the booth and started going crazy. And then, they just took that. G added the second hook and verses, then the song was done. Then, he got Cardi B to jump on it. It was cool because we got to sit and vibe and come up with cool ideas. We figured it out."
  • The song's beat contains a sample of Three 6 Mafia's "Slob On My Knob," which was produced by group member Juicy J.
  • "Slob on My Knob" sampled Memphis-based DJ Squeeky's 1993 track "Looking 4 Da Chewin." According to legal papers obtained by TMZ in March 2020, DJ Squeeky and co-rights owner Gaylon Love claimed G-Eazy and Juicy J sampled their record without permission. The pair is suing for copyright infringement and want a slice of the profits from "No Limit."


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