Only Happy When It Rains

Album: Garbage (1995)
Charted: 29 55
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  • This is about enjoying being depressed, similar to a country song by Patty Loveless which features the lyric, "You Can Feel Bad If It Makes You Feel Better." When the members of Garbage met for the first time, they found that they shared a love for dark music.
  • In a 1995 interview with Addicted to Noise, Steve Marker, the band's guitarist, said, "It's really just us poking fun of ourselves... We're poking fun at the alternate rock angst, wearing your heart on your sleeve thing and at ourselves for writing such dark songs."

    This is a similar sentiment to the sarcasm behind The Smith's 1984 single "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now."
  • Singer Shirley Manson is from Scotland, where it rains frequently. She thinks of the song as an example of the Scots' self-deprecating humor.
  • This song was written somewhat spur-of-the-moment when the band was sitting around playing acoustic guitars. It started with the line, "I'm only happy when it rains," and was built around the opening lyric.
  • Garbage drummer Butch Vig sees this song as "an homage to The Jesus And Mary Chain."
  • Samuel Bayer directed the music videos for this song and "Stupid Girl." He started off as a painter, bringing a very unconventional approach to videos.
  • This was used in the 2019 movie Captain Marvel in a scene set in 1995 where Captain Marvel steals a motorcycle.

Comments: 9

  • Theresa from Murfreesboro, TnCool song, Shirley looks absolutely stunning in the video.
  • Tori from Houston, Txdude i really didnt like garbage when i waz younger but now i like LOVE THEM they are so cool it sucks like hardly nybody i know knows who they r exept my bffl. my fav song by garbage iz Not My Idea i luv that song but this 1 rox my sox off 2!!
  • Leon from Waterbury, CtI have severe depression and it can get very, very bad. This is one song that describes depression SO well.
  • Alex from Madrid, Spain"Pour your misery down on me...". Obvious sexual reference!
  • Matthew from LeedsThis song describes this time in my life! Never before has a song got my emotions so true, i am happy im depressed, and i am riding high upon a deep depression. Well done Garbage! Excellent song!
  • Lyzette from Moorpark, Cai hate this song. it is so annoying repetitive. and not even in a cutesy sing-along way. i love the band and Shirley Manson is very pretty and has a kickass voice and everything.....i just don't think this is one of their best songs, so to speak.
  • Elly from Columbus, OhI love this song & i love the dark lyrics
  • Tania from Auckland, New ZealandGarbage is one of my favourite bands and this has to be one of their best songs. Its a great song to identify with.
  • Heidi from Rohnert Park, CaMy absolute favorite Garbage song! I saw them perform in San Francisco a couple of years ago, and this tune brought down the house!
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