Man Against Machine

Album: Man Against Machine (2014)


  • Garth Brooks opens his ninth studio album with the title track. "[It's] a raw, powerful, kick-ass kind of song that gets everything up and running," he explained. "Great way to start an album. Great way to start a concert. It's like starting a workout, and starting a workout really, really hard, and then settling in … this thing has got a lot of muscle."
  • The Man Against Machine LP title came before this song. "The album was always titled 'Man Against Machine,' but as we're cutting this thing, [I] start[ed] to realize how much the music is up against," Brooks told Indiana radio station WKDQ. "You know, in the 14 years being away, and then dropping you back in, what [I'm] seeing is, there's a lot of companies making money off music that think they're doing music a favor. So, music's uphill. They've got a hard battle to fight to stay sincere, to pay songwriters, all this stuff."

    "So [I] started realizing, not only is it man against machine for this whole record, but there probably should be a song that leads it off talking about that as well," he continued "So it's funny, you know, most of the time, the album titles come from the songs, but this time the song came from the album title."


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