That Summer

Album: The Chase (1992)


  • Co-written by Garth Brooks, his wife Sandy Mahl-Brooks and guitarist Pat Alger, this song - probably a fantasy - is about a youth who loses his virginity to an older woman while he is working on her farm miles from anywhere. Though not in any way sexually explicit, the listener is left in no doubt as to what happened after he'd drunk his coffee. Such encounters are not uncommon either in real life or in fiction; probably the best known cinematic example is the 1967 film The Graduate - based on the novel of the same name - in which an introverted youth is seduced by a bored and totally wanton housewife - Mrs Robinson. A less sordid encounter occurs in the 1971 film Summer Of '42 wherein a young war widow has a liaison with a precocious youth, a scenario more in keeping with this uptempo but sensitive Garth Brooks number in which two strangers are drawn together by loneliness and circumstances, and where the youth in question is haunted by this transient experience for the rest of his life.

    A paradox here is that such sexual encounters are considered taboo when the older party is male and the teen is a young girl, while a young man whose virginity is taken by an experienced older woman is simply undergoing a rite of passage. >>
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    Alexander Baron - London, England
  • Introducing this song at a showcase in Nashville in 2016, Garth Brooks explained: "There's a seed and from that seed some people might call exaggeration, some people might call it journalistic liberties, but I think you take that seed and you run with it and then you start to paint the picture.

    I was lucky enough to date some girls in high school, and this is a song about one of those girls. She was a senior, I was a junior, and that was the seed. This is what came out of that."

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  • Shannon from Oakdale I felt so weird hearing this song tonight. If it were opposite, it would be so bad!
  • Tracy French from OregonIt's actually about Garth and his ex wife and mother of his children. She even helped write it..
  • Catherine from OklahomaI HATE when this song comes on. I feel it is a very poor tasteful song, where an older woman takes advantage of a younger child and it’s disgusting. Worst song I think he’s ever written! Makes me want to puke. He can’t say it was about a senior and he was a junior - her hands of leather. Maybe a senior citizen and that’s disturbing. If he was my child I would have to go kick some old lady ass for molesting my child.
  • Veronica from TexasI wish stations would quit playing this song! It’s gross and about an old lady taking advantage of a child!!
  • Jeff from MnThat is not the correct use of the word paradox.
  • Amanda from Grand Rapids, MiProbably one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs.
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