Over The Hills And Far Away

Album: Wild Frontier (1987)
Charted: 20
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  • This song is about a man who who was framed for a murder he didn't commit. He is sent to prison and dreams of the day he can get out and return to his woman. He will come back to her one day, and she's waiting for him to return to her. >>
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    Megs - Kingston, Canada
  • Nightwish recorded this in 2001. It was also covered by the band Domain on the 2004 Gary Moore tribute album Give Us Moore. >>
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    Douglas - Waterloo

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  • Pandy Tran from New Orleans This song is extremely similar to a piece called "Morrison's Jig"
  • Jare from SpainThyrfing did also covered it as a bonus track for their album Urkraft in the 2000
  • Dave from Greer, ScI LOVED the Nightwish cover of this song. I miss the days when they were more than just a pop group with a distortion pedal
  • Laurent from Manama, BahrainThe amazing drummer Gary Ferguson was supposed to play on the record. However, as, according to an interview with Gary Moore published in the 80's in the French Hard Rock magazine, Gary was not keen to work with electronic drums, he was let go. Eric Singer (now with Kiss) toured the album in 1987 in a line-up that also included Neil Carter (gt, keys) and Bob Daisley (bass). A video of that tour was shot. It is probably available on DVD now.
  • Jaryth from Tylertown, MsTo be a little more in depth, this song is about a man accused of robbery. (I think)he is innocent, but fails to prove it because the night of the robbery, he was with his best friend's wife. Unwilling to tell this secret to keep out of jail, he ends up serving a ten year sentence for the night he spent with her.
  • Anna from Myrtle Beach, Sci know a led zeppelin song called over the hills and far away.... its a good song
  • Jonas from Leverkusen, GermanyThe man is not waiting to come back to his wife. It says in the lyrics "with the wife of his best friend he spent his final night of freedom". Because he did that in the night he couldn't defend himself. So he actually isn't witout fault.
  • Leah from Brooklyn, NyThe music video for this song stars Mark Ryan as the prisoner. Ryan is perhaps best known for playing the Saracen swordsman Nasir, in the BBC TV series ROBIN OF SHERWOOD (1994). He co-starred with Ray Winstone, Jason Connery and Michael Praed.
  • Roddy from Waterford, Irelandon an off guitarist with Thin Lizzy
  • Kevin from Newcastle Upon Tyne, EnglandAlso based on a true story.
  • Jim from New York, NySonata Arctica Coverd this song as well.
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