Man On The Corner

Album: Abacab (1981)
Charted: 41 40


  • This song is about a man who spends every day on a street corner, apparently homeless or mentally disturbed, staring vacantly and shouting at random people. The lyrics speculate that maybe this guy has the right idea - "Do you love it enough to leave it, just like the lonely man there on the corner?" >>
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    Andy - Arlington, VA

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  • Mitchell from Liverpool, UkThe third and final Genesis track credited solely to Phil Collins.
  • Mortamore from Red StickThat man is "Jesus"! ...Gee! it IS... Us! ..."G"(God) is "us"...written/said as... G's us! =M=
  • Mark Sellers from Asheville Great song wish I would have written it
  • Tammy Sstra from MontanaWe had a much Loved " homeless" man here, where I live, here in Montana. His name was Larry.. And an amazing man, highly intelligent. He was so happy. Living like he was!!!!! Sadly he passed away 2 odd years ago.... He. Saw, he was cared for by a whole community... We all helped, Larry... I Hear all that Phil and the Band are saying, I do!!!!! God, help us all to, see, feel and know when a fellow human being , needs us,you and me... And all the rest who can help... Listen to your Angels!!!!
    Much love, Tammy
  • Jim from Long Beach, CaWell said Stella. I have never been homeless but I don't belive that all of them are mentally ill,just bad luck and an array of misfortunes unfortunately. Kudoe for you working with the homeless.Keep it up and God Bless..
  • Stella from London, United KingdomJoel's statement perfectly illustrates the point Phil Collins makes in the song that many people make assumptions about the homeless but are reluctant and/or unwilling to understand homelessness or help people.

    'And nobody knows him
    And nobody cares
    'Cos there's no hiding place
    There's no hiding place
    For you, and me
    Are we just like all the rest?
    We're looking too hard for something he's got
    Or moving too fast to rest...'

    I have been homeless, street homeless, in November and December in deep snow and subzero temperatures so I know what it's like. And I have no history of either mental illness or emotional disturbance. I also work with the homeless in London and despite not having a home a large minority of them either work or study. There is no link between not having anywhere to live and mental illness. Trust me.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScMore than likely the homeless man was mentally ill. A lot of homeless are ill.
  • Jesse from L.a., CaThe B-side to the "Man On the Corner" single was an instrumental track called "Submarine." It was released on Genesis' box set 'Genesis Archive #2: 1976-1992'.
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