Got My Mind Set On You

Album: Cloud Nine (1987)
Charted: 2 1


  • This was written by Rudy Clark and originally recorded by James Ray in 1962. Harrison bought a copy of the single in the summer of 1963 when visiting his sister Louise in Illinois. Many years later when he was writing his Cloud Nine album, he remembered the song and decided to cover it.
  • Cloud Nine was Harrison's comeback album. He hadn't had a hit since 1981 with "All Those Years Ago," and his previous US #1 was "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)" in 1973. Until the Beach Boys released "Kokomo," Harrison had the record for longest span between #1 hits. "Got My Mind Set On You," however, was his last single to chart.
  • Harrison's previous album was Gone Troppo, which was released in 1982 and flopped. Proving that he could whip up a hit when he wanted to, he released this very simplistic cover song and it was a huge commercial success. A lot of Harrison's work was well off the mainstream, using unusual instruments and based on Indian music. "Got My Mind Set On You" proved that he could release a song requiring very little thought and send it up the charts. Predictably, many of Harrison's ardent followers can't stand this song.
  • When Harrison conceived the Cloud Nine album, he looked for a producer who could carry some of the load and not be intimidated by working with a former Beatle. He sought out Jeff Lynne of ELO for the role even though he had never met him - he connected with Lynne by having their mutual friend, Dave Edmunds, get him the message. It ended up being a great fit. Lynne brought his distinctive production sheen to the tracks and helped out writing some of the songs. Lynne's influence can be heard in the backing vocals of the "Got My Mind Set On You" chorus. Along with Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty, Harrison and Lynne formed The Traveling Wilburys in 1988.
  • The quirky video shows Harrison surrounded by household objects that move on their own. It helped market the song at a time when MTV was still playing a lot of videos and VH1 had recently gone on the air.
  • When released as a single, this was backed with "Lay His Head," which did not appear on the album.
  • Weird Al Yankovic did a parody called "This Song's Just 6 Words Long."
  • This was the last song by a solo Beatle to hit #1 in the US. Harrison was also the first Beatle to hit #1- "My Sweet Lord."
  • The follow-up single, When We Was Fab, was also a hit abetted by a whimsical music video. Harrison did some soundtrack work, but didn't release any more studio albums in his lifetime.

Comments: 37

  • Matt from PerthSounds like a song about a peodophile when he sings, got my mind set on you, child. Its going to take time and money to get it right child.
  • Steven from Henderson, NvGeorge didn't write this song but it's obvious to me he chose it for the main lyric: "Got my mind set on you (Krishna). Does anyone remember that on the TV series VEGAS with James Caan, a band played "Got My Mind Set On You," while marching through the Montecito Casino at the end of an episode.

  • Jerro from New Alexandria, PaRudy Clark, who wrote this song, also wrote "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)," which was first a hit for Betty Everett in the sixties and then for Cher 30 years later.
  • Abbie H. from Kalamazoo, MiI seen this music video on the television and it was stuck in my head for days. Every where I went it was following me, in the store, in the car. I love this song.
  • Breanna from Henderson, NvThis is a great song. This always puts me in a good mood, George's vocals fit the song so well.
  • Eric from Bend, OrTo the people who have asked why the song mentions money, I've always thought this song was about having his mind set on a woman, and money is needed for things like taking her out to dinner, buying her gifts, etc., and if he wants to marry her, it will take money to buy her a ring and pay for the wedding, as well as buying a house with her.
  • Joe from Bellingham, WaIn the video, when Harrison backflips and breaks out in dance was almost too awesome! Great song!
  • Kim from Perth, Australiacheck out the animated house clip here
  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, MiI loved the animated House with everything coming to life,I wish I had that Video on dvr.I love that song.One of these days I will have All Those Years ago,When We was fab,and Got MY Mind set on you on cd.
  • None from Silicon Valley, Caas for me, I relate this song to my son before he came to live with me. It did take time, a whole lot of precious time, patience and money, a whole lot of spending money, to get him and live with me in the US. And, I had my mind set on him and I did it right. This was my song to him.
  • Nick from Murrieta, CaMarc, that's the beauty of music. It doesnt HAVE to be about God. It could be a bride stressing over her wedding; a dude who is trying to win a girl who doesnt like him; a dude who is about to have or just had a baby, and wants to raise him right; or just a plain stalker song!
  • Marc from London, Englandso, what does it mean.. "its gonna take money,, a while lot of spending money" ??

    money to do what?
  • Marc from London, England
    I've got a question!!!!

    ok, this song is about him setting his mind on God, The lord, Krishna, Spirit, (whatever you wanna call it)... BUT,,, > why is it gonna take money?

    I've always wanted to know why it would take a whole lot of money to be able to achieve his goal of spiritual fufilment?

    if anyone knows a solid answer, please say.

    i like this song becasue its catchy,, its has a good 'hook'. maybe a simple song that lacks what his other songs have. but ok,, its an 80's snappy tune. (the kind of thing you sing along to out loud)
  • Guillermo from Miami, Flthis was the last number one by a beatle in america,my sweet lord,was the first.
  • Guy from Woodinville, WaI'm a big George Harrison fan and I always have been, but this song is just about the worst pop drivel ever recorded. IMHO.
  • Matthew from East Brunswick, Nj:) Sweet song.
  • Mad from Newcastle, Englandthis a fab song, but i feel it such a shame that micheal abraham made a stupid accusation saying that his sister had stolen money, and thought george had driven her to it by singing "Its gonna take money". A Pathetic excuse from a pathetic man. its a beautiful song and was a great comeback for george.
  • Jarvis from Dallas, TxThe other video has sometimes been called "The Rogue Ballerina". The guy is actually trying to win a figurine for a girl at an arcade by way one one of those "crane" type machines (don't know what they're called). YOUTUBE has recently taken the moving furniture video off of the site for some reason, but you can still find the arcade version there. Check it out.
  • Patricio from Santiago, ChileI agree with wikipedia when they said that this album and this song proved thet George could make a number one anytime, if he wanted it. George's talent is amazing and maybe he is the most beloved rock-star of all times. I miss you a lot my sweet George.
  • Joshua from Chico, CaI have a correction to one of the facts uptop. The Weird Al parody is called "This Song's Just Six Words Long". Making the title only six words, not seven words according to the fact uptop.
  • Crystal from Charlestown, RiI am in LOVE with this song!! Just 2 weeks ago I really got into the beatles, because of my history of Rock class, and now im totally into Georges solo stuff too! He rocks! Gosh...I wish he didnt have to die...he died right on my mums bday...well- this song has been stuck in m,yu head for days and it wont leave, but i dont
  • Teresa from Mechelen, Belgium"To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it right"; just heard it on the radio, loved it when it came out and still love it now, miss you George.
  • Howard from St. Louis Park, MnWhat a great 80's song! It was a throwback to the 60s. To do it. To do it. To do it. To do it. To do it right.
  • Mena from Dallas, Txthis was pretty much my favorite song as a kid because i loveed the video and the moving animals! i still love the song 'til this day. i miss george harrison and his compassion of love and peace.
  • Bob from Gettysburg, PaIf Paul was really holding them back, then why did George have about 10 times as many chart-topping hits with The Beatles than he did while performing alone. The Beatles wouldn't have been nearly as good with out Paul. Every member contributed to make them what they were. If McCartney gave Harrison "more freedom", you're trying to tell me that the Beatles would've been better than they already were? I'm pretty sure that's impossible, seeing as how they're the greatest rock band of all-time.
  • Elliott from Douglassville, PaP. S. The "arcade" video version was pretty much lousy, among-the-worst-of-1980s-pop-culture drivel compared to what I might call the "dancing den" version.
  • Elliott from Douglassville, PaCool song, cool video. I remember having seen that on VH1 when I was about three or so (not to mention the equally cool "When We Was Fab" video) and having the s--t scared out of me by them - creepy dead animals singing! Arms coming out of George Harrison's jacket! Aaah! Now, of course, I love most all of George's videos. They all had a tongue-in-cheek-ness to them - like the courtroom in "This Song" (look for Ron Wood!) and the fantasy land in "Crackerbox Palace" (directed, as I hear, by Eric Idle of Monty Python.)
  • Alan from City, MiGeorge was awesome. I miss him.
  • Natasha from Chico, Cahey, weird al, there are more than 6 words to the song, but even if there WAS only 6 words, it would still be great. george is my favorite people, and oh so talented. too bad he wasn't given enough chance to really fullt express himself while with the beatles-paul was too controlling.
  • Lisa from Nyc, NyWhen I first listened to this song, it was from a VERY VERY VERY old and broken radio, so it sounded as though Georgie were saying, "Look out, I might sit on you..."
  • Sean from Philadelphia, Pa"Gone Troppo" was not released the same year as "Got My Mind Set on You". 'Got my mind..." was released on the "Cloud 9" album in 1987. "Gone Troppo" was released in 1982.
  • Katie from Australiaoh I love this song. It's just so catchy and upbeat. It was the first song I can remember ever liking.
  • Rachel from Glasgow, ScotlandIn this video the dark haired man who appears with George was Alexis Denisof who would later become famous for his roles in Sharpe and the series Angel playing Wesley Wyndom Price.
  • Evan from Acworh, GaI don't know if I speak for everyone else but I think we all liked this song because it got stuck in our heads and would never come out. God, i sung this song for days....
  • Fred from Summit, NeWhen George Harrison came to the US in 1963 (prior to the Beatles invasion), he discovered the song on a James Ray self-titled Caprice Records LP (#1002). On the LP, it featured an extended version of the song. The song also saw release as a single, in a much shorter form, on Dynamic Sound Records, as a flip side to an Irving Berlin standard, "Always".
  • Jared from Meadville, PaYes, the other video was indeed a young man in an arcade, trying to get a prize out of one of those claw games for his date
  • Eric Sanders from Birmingham, Alwasnt there two videos to this song the other has a young guy playing a pin-ball machine?
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