Here Comes The Moon

Album: George Harrison (1979)


  • This song is a companion piece to "Here Comes The Sun," the Beatles song George Harrison wrote that appears on their 1969 Abbey Road album.

    Unlike the sun, the moon doesn't always appear and it isn't necessary to sustain life, but it's always a delight when it appears in the night sky. Harrison was a proponent of nature and a student of Eastern philosophy - staring at the moon brought him tranquility and joy.
  • Harrison was in Maui when he spotted a full moon and got inspired to write this song. Speaking with the BBC in 1979, he explained: "I was in a particularly great place when I saw the moon coming up and I thought, 'Wow, you know, all this, and here comes the moon!' And then I thought, 'No, I couldn't write a song called that, they'll kill me.' But as it happened, I wrote the song and it turned out really nice, so it stands up in its own right. And any other songwriters around, they have had 10 years to write 'Here Comes the Moon' after 'Here Comes the Sun,' but nobody else wrote it, I might as well do it meself."
  • The gentle musical textures on this song include Harrison's acoustic guitar and sitar, and also a harmonium played by Steve Winwood. The backing vocals, by Harrison and Winwood, give the song a dreamy texture that did cause a problem: Harrison said the song was so peaceful, he kept falling asleep while mixing it.


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