Soldier Song

Album: A Thousand Miles Left Behind (2012)


  • Tom and Mike Gossin wrote this patriotic tribute to military personnel. Tom explained to Billboard magazine: "We were honored to be given the chance to perform for troops stationed in Europe and the Middle East and to visit the aircraft carriers USS Harry Truman and the USS Abraham Lincoln. We lived their life for two weeks, staying with the soldiers in their barracks, on the Navy ships, and on the aircraft carriers. We wanted to write a song about it to let them know how thankful we are, seeing the sacrifices they make and just say thank you. We wanted it to be a positive, uplifting song rather than a sad moment because we noticed that the soldiers we spent time with over there were so positive. To face that much adversity day after day and remain that positive, I thought, was really a beautiful thing."
  • The song was partly inspired by the fact that both the brothers' grandfathers served in World War II and some cousins of theirs have served in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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