Why Don't You

Album: Single Release Only (2009)
Charted: 12


  • Gramophonedzie is Serbian dance producer and DJ Marko Milicevic, who also holds the distinction of producing the theme song for the Balkan franchises of Big Brother. He built this song around a sample from Peggy Lee's 1942 million-selling take on the Kansas Joe McCoy 1930s blues number, "Why Don't You Do Right?" Milicevic's house/swing hybrid was originally released in 2009 on his EP, Swingin' With The Fishes.
  • Milicevic told EQ the story behind this song: "I was really always into jazz, swing and Benny Goodman music - Nat King Cole y'know. Swing music was the dance music of the 1930's. When you put the arrangement of a 1930's swing song in your sequencer, you'll find that it's the same arrangement as some of the current dance records. My girlfriend is really the one to blame for this track because she is really a fan of Peggy Lee who sings the vocal on this one. The track was made in 1931 (actually, it was 1936) and it was originally called 'With Smokers Dream' My girlfriend was really into this song and begged me to make a club track out of this song. It was a challenge - I was trying hard to make a groove out of it and it took a good two weeks. Then one day I sat down and did the breaks and it just happened. I really wanted to keep the original track too so that it would be playable in clubs. I didn't quite anticipate it would be this popular or get this big."
  • Kansas Joe McCoy's best known song is "When The Levee Breaks," which he originally recorded with his wife Memphis Minnie in 1929. It was famously re-worked by English rock group Led Zeppelin on their 1971 album Led Zeppelin 4.

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  • Millionmiles from HungaryGreat song, one of the bests in electro-swing, just wonder who played the beautiful woman in the video?
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