Work Hard, Play Harder

Album: I Got Your Country Right Here (2009)
Charted: 115
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  • The first single release from Wilson's own Redneck Records, the singer co-wrote the song with John Rich and Vicky McGehee. The same trio were also responsible for penning Wilson's 2005 hit "All Jacked Up."
  • Wilson told The Boot the story of the song: "It's important to have writing partners who you're comfortable with and who you can say something stupid in front of. When you're writing, you can say a lot of stupid things! But you have to be uninhibited. We get together and write either at one of John's places - he has a little bar in [Nashville] - or at my house. We'll sit on the front porch."

    "This song all started with the tapping of a foot and John playing a riff on the acoustic [guitar]. We just started talking about what we feel makes a good American, a good role model. Then we started throwing ideas around. We all agreed we are in a funk in this country, and we don't know if we, as a country, are a bad parent, or what has happened. We have lost that good feeling that comes from working hard and feeling proud that you earned something."
  • Rock band The Black Crowes felt that this copied their 1990 single "Jealous Again" and filed a lawsuit against Gretchen Wilson, her label, her publisher and the cable network TNT who featured the song in a commercial for their drama series Saving Grace. The suit was eventually settled out of court for an undisclosed sum and Black Crowes songwriters Rich and Chris Robinson were given songwriting credits.


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