Janice At The Hotel Bar

Album: The Dream (2020)


  • During this song, Hailey Whitters recounts the story of an encounter with a wise 80-something-year-old woman named Janice.

    And we were talkin' like old friends, down at that hotel bar
    She said a glass of red every day is damn good for the heart
    And she said I'm not trying to preach, but it's just my own two cents
    That the prize is looking back and knowing it was all time well spent

    Janice is a senior citizen that Landyn, the writer of the Living with Landyn lifestyle blog, met in a New York bar. The grandmother started dishing out various bits of life wisdom and Landyn spent hours soaking up her sage advice before posting it on her blog.
  • Whitters penned the song with Lori McKenna. She recalled to Apple Music that when she arrived at her songwriting session, she told McKenna, "I would really love to write a song of what a grandmother or an older woman would say to a younger woman about life." McKenna follows Living with Landyn and told Whitters about the blogger's encounter with Janice. They started pulling some of Janice's pearls of wisdom, plus some things from their own lives.

    Whitters explained to The Boot that after combining the various little bits of wisdom, they came up with a "little four-minute [manual] on what to do and what not to do."
  • Well, go on and make a good living, girl, don't forget
    To make a good life

    The hook is one of Whitters' favorite lines on The Dream. She explained: "It's something that I've just been trying to live life by lately."
  • Another song penned by Whitters and McKenna with a similar theme is Little Big Town's track "Happy People." That tune is a collection of wise advice about how to put a smile on your face.
  • Landyn Hutchinson of Living with Landyn set up the womenlikejanice Instagram page so readers can post pictures and tell stories about the Janice-like women in their lives. Landyn also spearheaded a successful effort to track down the real Janice. Hailey Whitters told Songfacts: "She lives in Jersey and has heard the song. When we released the song, everyone started hashtagging #FindJanice, and her granddaughter reached out. She commented on my social media and said, 'I'm Janice's granddaughter, I'm with her right now and she loves the song.'"

    Whitters hatched plans to meet Janice, but the coronavirus pandemic made that impossible.


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