Ready For You
by Haim

Album: Something To Tell You (2017)


  • Lead vocalist Danielle Haim explained the track's concept to NPR:

    "It's the antithesis of the song 'Nothing's Wrong.' I know what I want and I'm not too proud to ask for it. It's me coming back stronger, more confident and truly giving my best effort to go after what I want. The song is about that exhilarating feeling of when you can pinpoint what you're after and go for it wholeheartedly.

    The music reflects that feeling, and the middle eight or bridge is the euphoria of when you're face-to-face with what you're after and you're not letting it get away! There's no turning back."
  • Danielle Haim fought producer Ariel Rechtshaid (who also is her boyfriend) to get her way on the percussion. She explained to Pitchfork:

    "The percussion on this is actually a LinnDrum, which is the drum machine that Prince used. And then, leading into the chorus, you've got a snare - pop! pop! pop! - and the chorus is a live kit. We had a crazy hi-hat pattern in the chorus, as well, and when we were mixing, I was fighting with Ariel to get the high-hat to be louder. With anything rhythmic - there's a lot of percussion on this record - we were like, 'Make that louder!'"
  • Haim nod to George Michael when the bridge turns into a riff of the late British star's "Faith."
  • The track was co-written with George Lewis, Jr. aka Twin Shadow. Q magazine reports that it was the last song recorded in Lewis's Home Studio before it burnt down.


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