Free The House

Album: HalfNoise EP (2012)
  • Prior to the formation of Paramore, drummer Zac Farro was in a band along with guitarist and childhood friend Jason Clark, current Paramore guitarist Taylor York and Zac's older brother Josh. Two days after leaving Paramore at the end of 2010 along with Josh, Zac reunited with Clark when they formed Half Noise. Speaking with NME in September 2012, Farro revealed that became the sole member of HalfNoise after Clarke departed the project earlier in the year. He added that Clarke, along with producer Daniel James, had been crucial in the creation of their debut record, HalfNoise EP. "I played all the drums, I did all the sampling. Me and a producer called Daniel James did the guitars together, but it was mainly just me performing," he said. There are trumpet, French horn and glockenspiel samples too. I write in the mind of a film score, that's really the dream, what I'd like to be doing soon."

    Farro has described the band's sound as, "combining the ambience of bands from Iceland with the sampling and electronic elements of Radiohead."
  • This is the first song released by the band. Speaking about the track, Farro said: "I wanted 'Free The House' to be the first music released to fans as it best represents my current style and creative direction in music. The song illustrates what fans can expect to hear from Half Noise in the future."

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  • Nathan from Santa Clara, CaLyrics to Half Noise-Free the House here:

    If I found a weak Iss-pot
    I found a weak Iss-pot
    If I found a weak Iss-pot
    I found a weak Iss-pot

    Free the House
    Oh Free the House
    Oh Oh Oh Ohww

    Oh The one that you've become
    I'hv lost it all
    I'hv lost it in my
    Here Way beyond my cover

    I'hv lost it all
    I'hv lost it in my

    I see the light catch on fire
    Catch on Fire
    Catch on the Fire

    I see the light catch on fire
    Catch on the rage
    Catch on the naked place

    Free the change

    Oh Free the change
    Chee--oww...Oh wow
    Oh Free the change

    Oh woo Oh Woo ooohh
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