Heart Games

Album: released as a single (2021)
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  • HARLOR is the duo of vocalist Nick Gerard and producer Max Anthony. They met at University of Dayton and signed a production deal with the Katalyst team. In this moody track, Nick Gerard sings about being in a conflicted relationship. "I wanted to express the idea of being on someone's leash, but not necessarily hating it," he explained. "I wanted to express the idea that I'd rather take the chance of you hurting me than not being with you at all. I think that story is lived and relived throughout our lives and is one a lot of people can connect with. The title 'Heart Games' is a parallel to someone playing mind games, but in this instance you know what's going on."
  • Max Anthony told Songfacts how this track came together: "The production was one of those things that kind of produced itself. We had added the guitar first and everything else fell into place. Nick's vocal progressed very well throughout the song, and I wanted to make sure the production did the same. It starts off very simple and continues to add more elements as time goes on. We tried to keep a lot of organic elements in this song (strings, toms, guitars, etc.) to almost stay true to ourselves. 'Heart Games' was a fun process and I hope it becomes apparent to the listener."


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