Sweet Creature

Album: Harry Styles (2017)
Charted: 46 93
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  • Backed by acoustic guitar, Harry Styles sings about a relationship where despite all the arguing, the couple know they belong together.

    Two hearts in one home
    It's hard when we argue
    We're both stubborn
    I know but, oh
  • Harry Styles wrote the song with frequent Florence Welch collaborator Kid Harpoon. The English singer/songwriter, born Thomas Hull, has co-penned tracks for Welch's band Florence + the Machine ("Shake It Out," "Never Let Me Go") as well as collaborating with her and Calvin Harris on the latter's "Sweet Nothing."
  • Kid Harpoon also produced the track along with:

    Jeff Bhasker, who is the executive producer on the Harry Styles album.

    Tyler Johnson and Alex Salibian, who are both members of Bhasker's production team.
  • This was the first song that Harry Styles worked on in the studio for his debut solo album. Speaking on 102.5 FM's The Zach Sang And The Gang Show, he told the radio host he wanted the project to present an honest version of himself. Styles added the LP is, "more so than one story, it's very much a piece of me that I haven't shared or talked about before."
  • Asked by Sang if "Sweet Creature" was about someone specific, Harry admitted it was, but refused to go into any more details about that person's identity. He said:

    "In my opinion I think most songs are written for one listener, in my personal opinion, in the way that I think, you know, people who write books, I think probably write them for one reader and yeah I think it's a really amazing way of being able to say something to someone that, you know, maybe they'll never notice about them, maybe there's one thing in there that only they'll notice about them, I think it's, you know, like I said it's so much easier to say something in a song than it is to say it to someone, um, and I think it's really amazing to be able to communicate through that and be able to wrap up everything that you want to say in three and a half minutes and say it in a song."
  • Asked if the person he wrote the song about knew it was about them, Harry remained coy.

    "I think it's important to remember it's not always necessarily the first thing that you might think of but I obviously would never tell someone that what they thought was wrong," he said. "I think the best thing about music is everyone can take away different things from stuff and that's not wrong, there's not really a wrong answer."

    "I feel like a lot of my favourite songs that mean something to me," Harry continued, "I'd be disappointed if someone told me that they were about something else. It might ruin the song for me. Sweet Creature is definitely about one person, but I think it's important to remember that there's many different types of things that could be about."
  • Kid Harpoon told Q magazine about writing with Harry Styles. "You're in the car and a Crosby, Stills and Nash tune comes on and Harry's like, 'I love this one. Why don't we do something like this?' Then we'd pop back to the studio and start writing. Sweet Creature sort of came within an hour. Cos it just felt like the lyrics were all the conversations we'd had in the day. You feel like you've brewed it all."


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