Everyone Bleeds Now

Album: Hatebreed (2009)
  • One of Hatebreed's most popular songs, this one opens with a drum intro followed by lead singer Jamey Jasta screaming: "You f--king bleed now."

    The song started out as a joke, with the band playing up to their image as a group that leaves mayhem in their wake. In out interview with Jasta, he explained: "At that time everybody was saying that when we would get done with the show, there would be blood on the floor of the club every night of the tour, and blood in the bathrooms. People would Twitter us pictures of blood in the sink of the club bathroom or blood on the floor or at the theater or the club or whatever. So I said, 'I'm just going to yell that.'" (here's our full Jamey Jasta interview.)
  • Jasta tells us that there is more to this song than just the title. "I changed the lyrics so that it would be a little more meaningful," he said. "But the initial thing that I yell is what everybody latches onto. Hopefully, they read the lyrics and they know that it's not just about violence."


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