Honor Never Dies

Album: The Divinity Of Purpose (2013)
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  • "When you do something honorable for somebody, it lives on through that person," Hatebreed lead singer Jamey Jasta says by way of explaining this track. He got the idea for the song when he was visiting his grandfather in a veteran's hospital. He was talking to another patient, and was later told that this man hadn't had a visitor in over a year. This is when Jamey realized that you could be a war hero, yet still die alone.
  • In our interview with Jamey Jasta, he explained: "I wasn't coming from a place of anger, but I'm screaming in this aggressive way. I just wanted to have it represent the passion I felt about the topic."
  • As this song was coming together in the studio, the band knew they had something special. Jasta says they took a different approach in writing it. He told us: "That's the first song that I suggested we do two different guitar lines and a different bass line - and never follow everybody playing the same notes. And I think it gives an interesting sound - we've never done that before as a band. It gives an interesting temp change and mood shift from the riff in the verse to the chorus."


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