Allison's Gone
by Hawk

  • This '60s-sounding song was the first release from Bomb Pop, the second album from Hawk. Frontman David Hawkins explained to Glide:

    "'Allison's Gone' holds the opposites in a sense; the lyrics are about the death of someone I loved, but there's a vibrancy and a sense of joy in the music; especially in the choruses. It wasn't a conscious choice, but it happens a lot in my music, where there are complex or conflicting emotions in one song, just like there are in real life. I like that. It's more interesting that way. Things aren't quite as simple as most songs would have you believe.

    One of my favorite albums of all time, the third Velvet Underground album, covers similar terrain of loss and transcendence. Music is so profound that way; it not only helps you explore and process emotions, but making a song from that experience kind of softens it somehow and leaves golden traces on what was a very painful experience at the time. It can lift you up."


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