Pink Hearts

Album: Bad Frequencies (2018)
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  • This is the lead single from Bad Frequencies, Hawthorne Heights' first full-length album since 2013. The song was made available for streaming on March 1, 2018. Singer and guitarist JT Woodruff stated:

    "If we try, we can stay young forever, but I'm not sure we actually want to. 'Pink Hearts' is about burning through relationships, because you are selfishly just having fun when you are young. Eventually you have to wake up and grow up, and hope that you haven't cut someone too deep."
  • JT Woodruff explained why the song's meaning isn't limited to romantic relationships during a track-by-track interview with Alternative Press:

    "It's not just love relationships; it's friendships and any sort of relationship you went through in your life. We all make mistakes. There's one universal truth to everything we do: We all want to be younger or feel younger than we are. And there's nothing wrong with that. There are no better friendships than the ones you make in your high school years and in your college years, right around that age. There's just this volatile energy that comes with being that age, and you make a lot of mistakes then. You have a lot of things blow up in your face, because you don't care as much, when you probably should.

    There's also a bit of when you're young, you do dumb things to have fun. When I was younger, I grew up next to a river that had a train bridge that went across the water. We used to wait 'til two in the morning during the summer, and we would jump off that train bridge into what looked like black water below us. We had no idea what was there. That's so f---ing dangerous. I would never do that as an adult, but during that time period, that unknown energy in jumping into darkness with eyes wide open, that's a wonderfully invigorating feeling. Now that I'm older, I can think of better ways to get that invigorating feeling, but at that time you just live your life like you don't care. Sometimes you've got to live your life like that. You just get in your car, crank up the music and drive into the unknown. 'Pink Hearts' is about living life in wonder; finding that adventure and chasing that adventure."


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