Gotta Go My Own Way

Album: High School Musical 2 (2007)
Charted: 40 34
  • This song is about a girl who doesn't like the way her relationship with her boyfriend is going so she decides to leave him. She's going to miss him, but she just can't deal with the complications of the relationship. Her boyfriend doesn't want her to leave, so he tries to get her to stay, but she leaves him. >>
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    Justine - Brandon, VT
  • In the Disney Channel movie High School Musical 2, this was performed by the characters Gabriella and Troy.

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  • Makayla from Louisville, Kyand when they reunite it was with the help of ryan and kelsi and them because sharpay said that the staff could not participate in the talent show so troy quit but said he would do it if the staff could do the talent show as well. and then ryan said that sharpay switched the songs when she did not and he learned that one instead and when he started singing the girl that sang was not sharpay but gabriella and then the staff joined in with them and they finally kissed at the end!:)
  • Evie from Sweet Valley, PaThis is after Gabriella finds out Sharpay's tryin to get Troy all to herself. She breaks up with him, only to reunite at the talent show.
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