The Sacrament
by HIM

Album: Love Metal (2003)
Charted: 23
  • This is about a vow that 2 people take when they fall in love and commit to each other. The song talks about a church, and how it is not made of flashy or glamorous objects, but of love: "Its commandments are of consolation and warmth." The chorus discusses how their sacrament will never fail; his sacrament is her. In the second verse he talks about how his prayers are not enough to heal his pain, and that this world has led her to believe the wrong things in life. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Ryan - El Paso, TX

Comments: 3

  • Bill from Cleveland, Ohok i think this song is ville portraying the church is not of silver and gold= satans palace,its glory lies beyond the judgement of souls+ oppisite of heaven,the commandments are of conselation and warmth!!!!!???!@!!! conselation= runner up ,second, warmth= well hells hot right? the revelation is of hatred and of fear wake up people villes smarter than you think
  • Tara from Campbellsville, Ky"The Sacrament is you" i Heartagram this song
  • Tom from England, United Statesits a very clever song about vows and traditions
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