Paradise Lost

Album: Swan Songs (2008)


  • 3 Tears of Hollywood Undead explained this song to Artist Direct: "Deuce and I worked on that song together. It's my thoughts on Christianity and the Western World. It's a little more serious than most Hollywood Undead stuff is, but we wanted to make a song of that magnitude. That's pretty much it. The Midwest and the Red States have this blind belief in everything. Everyone else is struggling to fix the world, while they're just trying to hold it in place where it shouldn't be. They're just martyrs for whatever they believe. I have strong disagreements with the whole thing. Not with Christianity, but what people do as a product of that. We wanted to make a song that impacted people to look in a different direction around them instead of upwards."

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  • John from Beltsville, MdIf they (or anyone) would record a song about the evils, dangers and intolerance of radical Islam, instead of the tired old cliche about being oppressed by Christians, THAT would be brave and rebellious.
  • Haley from Honaker, Vaone of the greatest songs ever. hollywood undead is the greatest band ever!! just let me BURN, it's what i DESERVE!! \m/
  • Ian from Chilli, Ohthis is a nice change of pace. too many people just down religion and god, without acknowledging that its the people who are the problem, not necessarily the deity. if people put aside narrow minded bigotry and just followed the moral teachings of any major religion, the world would be much better off. but people are too caught up in the "im-rite-ur-wrong" mindset. the narrowest minds are connected to loudest mouths. im glad that j3t can acknowledge that its people, not religion itself, that is the problem, and show respect for ppl's beliefs. hu is much more intelligent than they sometimes let on, and their originality gives them an edge. im glad their popularity is picking up
  • Valerie from Tucson, Azthis song is friggen awesome!!!
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