A Bath Full of Ecstasy

Album: A Bath Full of Ecstasy (2019)
  • This woozily reflective song finds Hot Chip proposing that love is a substance just as mind-altering as any drug.
  • Hot Chip also named their seventh album after this track. Co-vocalist Joe Goddard explained to The Guardian it made a nice change from their more serious record titles.

    "I didn't think it's a problem to have a title that could be fun or playful or light-hearted in some ways," he said. "Ecstasy is just a nice thing to be talking about these days, isn't it?...I mean, the actual feeling of ecstasy."

    "And trying to present a kind of positivity in this world also feels like a valid contribution," Goddard added. "It's a worthwhile thing to do."
  • "A Bath Full of Ecstasy" is a title that conjures up countless images. Co-lead vocalist Alexis Taylor told Q magazine: "Joe and I never really discuss lyrics, so he could have a different idea of what it's about. For me it's about ecstasy in the euphoric sense - losing yourself in that place. I've never taken the drug ecstasy in my life, so I don't make that connection. I'm sure it's different for some of my bandmates who have."


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