Humble Pie

Humble Pie Artistfacts

  • 1969-1975; 1980-1981
    Steve MarriottGuitar, vocals, keyboards, harmonica1969-1975; 1980-1981
    Peter FramptonGuitar, vocals1969-1971
    Greg RidleyBass, vocals1969-1975
    Jerry ShirleyDrums1969-1975; 1980-1981
    David ClempsonGuitar, vocals1971-1975
    Bobby TenchVocals, guitar1980-1981
    Anthony JonesBass1980-1981
  • Marriott was a member of the Small Faces before leaving to form this band. During Humble Pie's break in the late 1970s, he was part of a Small Faces reunion.
  • Frampton was from a group called The Herd (also Buffalo Springfield's original name). Ridley had played with Spooky Tooth.
  • After touring the US in 1969, they returned to their native England to discover that their record label (Immediate) had gone bankrupt. They were stalled for a time, trying to find a new manager and label (eventually they signed with A&M).
  • Tench had been a vocalist for the Jeff Beck Group.
  • The 1981 reunion tour was interrupted by Marriott several times. Once when he slammed his hand in a hotel door, and again when he was hospitalized with an ulcer.
  • Shirley has since played with Natural Gas and Fastaway. It hasn't been the most lucrative career.
  • Marriott died at age 44 (1991) when his cottage caught on fire. He and Frampton had been planning another reunion.

Comments: 14

  • Eric from Norwich, CtSaw them at Toad's Place in New Haven 1980 I think. Great (LOUD) music, Couldn't hear for three days.
  • A-bomb Tom from JerseyI was at the shea stadium gig. I was 16. It was 50 years ago and I still remember it. It was my 2nd concert.
  • Paul from Wilton, Ct"I'll Go Alone"
    A Peter Frampton song. The opening riff was from 'Communication Breakdown' (Led Zeppelin). The song then broke down to a Southern Rock Song,
    that sounded like a future Marshall-Tucker Band song.

    "A Nifty Little Number Like You"
    Closely follows (The Who), with a Pop/Rock sound. Possibly the best song on the Album.

  • Paul from Wilton, CtOf the 1st Humble Pie album

    "As Safe As Yesterday'

    * What You Will'
    Had several riffs from 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' from Led Zeppelin I.
    The slow blues tempo song was actually pretty good, despite sounding rough.

    * 'Desperation'
    Sounded like a version of 'I Can't Quit You Baby' (Led Zeppelin I), mixed in with some 'Traffic' riffs.

    * 'Stick Shift'
    Much like a mid-tempo song, with a melodic beat. Sounded like 'The Yardbirds' from 1968.

    * 'Buttermilk Boy'
    A 'Born To Be Wild' introduction, and then steady heavy blues.

    * 'Growing Closer'
    Another mid-tempo melodic song, that blended Southern blues rock. A mix between 'The Yardbirds' and 'The Who'.

  • Paul from Wilton, CtHumble Pie

    1969 Tours

    Started touring in August 1969 in the United Kingdom.

    The line-up; * David Bowie, *Humble Pie and *Love Sculpture.

    When they first came to America, (New York, November 7, 1969) to start a 40-Day Tour.
    The bill was; *Santana, *Humble Pie and *The Paul Butterfield Blues Band at The Fillmore East.

    Humble Pie even played as the guest band for headliner Neil Diamond for one big show.

    They opened for *The Kinks in several 1969 America Tour shows.

    Humble Pie was the 3rd-Billing, behind *Mountain, and *The Moody Blues in several gigs.

    They also played on several 'billed' shows; *Grateful Dead, *Humble Pie, and *The Flock.

    December 15 and 16 (1969) at 'The Whiskey A-Go-Go', *Grand Funk and *Humble Pie.

    Humble Pie's main songs for this time were
    * Desperation
    * The Sad Bag of Shakey Jake
    * I Walk On Gilded Splinters
    * Wrist Job
  • Paul from Wilton, CtHumble Pie

    "As Safe As Yesterday'
    Recorded.... February/March/April 1969
    Released..... July 1969

    Produced by 19 year-old Andy Johns, who had worked on previous Albums for;
    * Spooky Tooth
    * Jethro Tull
    * Led Zeppelin I
    * Blind Faith

    Recorded at Olympic Studios in London.

    Album Theme > Heavy Blues, Hard Rock, Folk Rolk and Pastoral Rock

    #1) 'Desperation'
    A slow-blues (Steppenwolf) song that sounded like 'I Can't Quit You Baby' (Led Zeppelin)

    #2) 'Stick Shift'
    Written and sung by Peter Frampton. A mid-tempo melodic and psychedelic song.

    #3) 'Buttermilk Boy'
    A hard-rock song, with the opening riff sounded like 'Born To Be Wild (Steppenwolf), and followed in suit.

    #4) 'Growing Closer'
    A mellow blues-rock song, added with a Hammond Organ.

    #5) 'As Safe As Yesterday'
    The cleanest sounding song on the Album. A blend of 'Blind Faith, 'Yes' and 'Buffalo Springfield'. Peter Frampton sings.
    * Steve Marriot wrote this song specifically for Peter Frampton.

    #6) 'Bang'
    A solid sounding Southern rock song, with an emphasis on Heavy Blues.
    * Sounds like a future 'Black Crowes' song.

    #7) 'Alabama 69'
    A slow-tempo Gospel Rock song about Dr. Martin Luther King.

    #8) 'I'll Go Around'
    A Peter Frampton song. A slow-to-mid tempo melodic song, featuring a Sitar.

    #9) 'A Nifty Little Number Like You'
    Clearly a Pop/Rock song that sounded much like 'The Who'.

    #10) 'What You Will'
    Basically a 'studio jam' that sounded like 'heavy metal-leaden noise'. Rough, gritty and unpolished.
  • Paul from Wilton, CtCorrection;

    * The Small Faces were a Pop/Mod Band
    * The Herd were a Pop/Rock Band
    * Spooky Tooth were a Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock Band
    * Apolostic Intervention were a Mod Band.
  • Paul from Wilton, CtHumble Pie

    A very young band when they started in January 1969.

    Steve Marriot (Age; 22)............. The Small Faces (Pop/Mod Band)
    Peter Frampton (Age; 18 1/2)... The Herd (Pop/Mod Band
    Greg Ridley (Age; 21 1/2).......... Spooky Tooth (Rock and Rhythm & Blues Band)
    Jerry Shirley (Age; 17)................ Apostolic Intervention (Mod Band)

    Steve Marriot was 'the name', as he was a talented 'vocalist and guitarist', and was a solid front man as seen with 'The Small Faces'.

    Peter Frampton had been called 'The Face of 1968' by Rave Magazine, and big things were expected from this future super talent.

    Greg Ridley was a solid Bassist, and had worked with a very good group 'Spooky Tooth'.

    Jerry Shirley (Age; 17) was a surprising solid 'power drummer' at a young age.

    'Humble Pie' was proclaimed to be a 'future' Super Group, and was expected to follow in the footsteps of 'The Who' and new hard rock group 'Led Zeppelin'.

  • Paul from Wilton, CtForgotten,

    Is that 'Humble Pie' opened up for 'Grand Funk' on that memorable night (July 9, 1971) in front of 55,000 fans at Shea Stadium.

    'Humble Pie' was advertised as the special guest, and they ripped through an awesome 45-Minute set, which included;
    * Stoned Cold Fever
    * Rollin Stone
    * For Day Creep
    * Walking On Gilded Splinters
    * I'm Ready
    * I Don't Need No Doctor.
  • Paul from Wilton, CtOne of the best 'live acts' between 1970 and 1974.

    A hard-driving Blues/Rock Band with a bit of Boogie and Funk.
    Steve Marriot was one of the most exciting front man ever, and the live shows of Humble Pie were remarkable.

    Best Songs
    1) I Don't Need No Doctor
    2) Stone Cold Fever
    3) 30 Days In The Hole
    4) Four Day Creep
    5) Are You Ready.
  • Lauren from Storrs, CtThere's a live version of "Hallelujah, I love her so" on Rockin' the Fillmore.. it's really good. Did Humble Pie really do Black Betty? And what album can you get it on? THanks!
  • Celeste from Portland, MeHumble Pie covered Ray Charles's "Hallelujah, I love her so". Couldn't tell you what album it is found on but it's easy enough to find. Try I love Humble Pie's deep, dark psychedelic sound. Anyone have Soundboard recordings out there??? I love to trade.
  • Thewrite1 from Charleston, ScWhat Ray Charles song did Humble Pie cover? What album? Need to get a copy of that song desperately. Thanks.
  • Don from Pittsburgh, PaYou want ballsy,gutsy,tough as nails live blues/rock; look no further---Humble Pie "Rockin the Fillmore." One of the best live albums ever.
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