Why Me?

Album: Raw Footage (2008)


  • This was co-produced by Teak "Da Beatsmith" Underdue. The producer told Worldwide Rap and Hip Hop Music Lifestyle Network why this track with a message to all of the would-be killers out there was particularly personal to him. He explained: "That song really strikes home. In February, my wife's little cousin was a victim. He was 13 years old. He was at the park with his mom and he was the victim of someone shooting and he died. It was ironic that Cube had recorded that song. It happened in my family, so that song is really personal to me. My whole family is still just getting over his death. His name was Aaron 'Bubba' Kelly Jr. It's amazing how that song worked out to me because I now have this piece of art work that I can take with me and really promote it since it actually did happen to someone that I loved."

    Teak added: "I first got the song after he laid down the demo track around this time last year. It was August of last year and the death of my cousin occurred in February of this year. After my cousin died, I kept listening to the song. It was like he was talking to me about the situation that just happened."
  • Teak developed and produced the music for this song before handing it on to Cube, who then wrote the lyrics. The producer told Worldwide Rap and Hip Hop Music Lifestyle Network about how he created the song's beat: "I have a crazy ass process a lot of times when I am making this music. With that particular song, I had started it with the basic beat. I had the bass line and pretty much the whole song done but it wasn't quite ready, so I let it sit in my computer file for like a month before I went back to it. Sometimes you've got to just wait until the vibe gets you to really finish off a beat. So when I went back to it, I added a lot of the percussions. I made the drums bang harder and once I did that, the s--t was ready. The mix too is really important when you first present a beat to your client. Once I added all of the stuff that made the beat bang, I sent it out to Cube in about a day for approval. Then we have 'Why Me' a few months later."

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  • Barry from Sauquoit, NyIn 1973 Kris Kristofferson release a completely different song titled "Why Me"; it peaked at No. 16 and spent an amazing 38 weeks in the Top 100!!!
  • R.h. from Pauls Valley, OkName your song something else! Planet P Project did a great song in the early 80's called "Why Me?". About an astronaut with second thoughts! I absolutely HATE all these black songs about about killing "whitey" or just random drive-by shootings where they kill anyone from kids to grandmothers! I am not a racist but these kind of songs tend to make me so.
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