Chocolate Drops

Album: Post Pop Depression (2016)
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  • Producer Josh Homme told Mojo how at first he couldn't see through the way that Iggy Pop wanted to utilize his riff. He explained: "I had that riff for nine years. He really was attached to it, but I couldn't hear it. He was hearing it like a soul song, almost like a Motown record. Once I let go of what I'd thought it should be for nine years, I heard what he was hearing."
  • Speaking about the song's meaning, Homme said: "That lyric is so intense. 'When your love of life is an empty beach, don't cry. When your enemy has you in his reach, don't die'. It's so different for both he and I, too, a song like that. Those lyrics are hopeful, but so from that perspective."
  • Before a live performance of "Chocolate Drops" in the documentary American Valhalla, Pop says that Josh Homme wrote the music and "allowed" Pop to sing out the song's feelings.
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