Hit the Quan

Album: single release only (2015)
Charted: 15


  • Tennessee rapper iLoveMemphis (formerly iHeartMemphis) fueled a viral dance craze with this track. The cut spawned user-uploaded videos featuring its audio on apps like Vine, Dubsmash and Musical.ly.
  • The song is a fun take on Rich Homie Quan's unique dance style, which the Atlanta rapper showcased in his "Flex (Ooh Ooh Ooh)" video. iLoveMemphis tells the listener that by doing the "Quan," one can gain a great amount of attention especially from young attractive girls.

    Memphis explained to Billboard magazine: "A song by Rich Homie Quan called 'Flex' it came out and it was this little dance that he do. And people really like the dance, but they didn't have a song to the dance, so I made a song to the dance called 'Hit the Quan.' I was just having fun, being myself and came up with an idea."

    "It was actually a female - a white girl - who gave me the idea to do it, because she put me on to Rich Homie Quan," he added. "So actually, a female is the reason."
  • Memphis explained how the song came together. "I knew how I wanted it to go," he said. "Like, 'Hit the Quan,' hit the quan, get down low and swing your arms. It's really a freestyle. I really freestyled 'Hit the Quan.' I freestyle a whole lot."

    "But the hook was planned," Memphis added. "I called my producer and I said, 'Hey, can you make me a beat like Rich Homie Quan's beat?' I wanted the tempo to be the same so I could be able to hit his dance in it. And in a couple of hours, he sent me the beat and I went to his studio that same day and I recorded it. I put it up and posted it the next day. I posted it around 5, and when I posted it, it was so many comments and so many people was just liking it."
  • The song was independently recorded and released and cost Memphis a mere $35 for the studio time.
  • So why does Memphis (real name Richard Colbert) love his home city so much that he named himself after it? He explained to The Boombox in 2016: "Because it's a town that - it's what made me go this hard. Because I think everybody be surrounded by a lot of people - everybody wanted to make it out. Everybody is watching the next artist; I was that boy last year."

    "It's like I stay in Memphis but New York is just up the block," Colbert added. " It's like everything is so convenient and it's like it just - like you have to be - you have to grow up and be about your business because you'll be left behind."


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