Sexual Hallucination

Album: Black Widow (2014)


  • At 6:18 minutes, this is the longest song In This Moment have recorded. Frontwoman Maria Brink told Rocksverige: "I like that the album's got different things. It's got the anger, the sarcasm, the real truth, the sexual stuff and this song to me, it hypnotizes you and it takes you away. We were afraid that Atlantic Records were gonna have a problem with some of our longer songs, because they're a major label, but they loved it and had no problems with it. They were really supportive and didn't compromise the art at all. We're pretty grateful."
  • The song features guest vocals from Shinedown's Brent Smith. Said Brink: "We've fallen in love with them (Shinedown). They're just such stand up people and so kind and so supportive of the band. We didn't think Brent would do the song, they were getting ready to do a new album and so on, but when I finally asked him, he didn't think about it twice. The cool part of him doing that song with us, is that no one's ever heard Brent like that with anyone else."


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