Album: Morning View (2001)


  • This is about the choices we make, and how they can come back and bite us. What goes around comes around is the premise here. >>
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  • Brian from Winchester, Mai'd say Karma and the circle of life, everything moves in Circles.
  • Pat from East Hanover, NjThis song is also about patience. It shows how everyone will eventually get their chance. (It will come back around again). You always have another chance, because everything goes in circles. My favorite incubus song...
  • Jeff from Macomb, Mithis song is about there former bass player dirk (alix), what made me form this conclusion is if you watch the morning view sessions dvd and you will see how right befor they play this song brandon sprays dirk in the face with breath spray and walks away with a pissed off look on his face and dirk does a "mean" slide on the bass, you can sence the tencion betewwn them at that moment and how brandon introduces the song.
  • Rob from Houston, TxThis song is about the Hindu and Buddhist concept of karma. The spiritual equivelant of Newton's Third Law of Motion which states, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction." The song is talking about taking the higher ground and chosing not to react negatively to an action that had done him some sort of physical or emotional harm. And he is content knowing that everything comes around and the other person will get whatever is due them as they get on the "exestential carousel" again.
  • Tessa from Dayton, Or'like a stinger without a bee' my god that is brillant!
  • Mel from Sydney, AustraliaEverything mooves in circles round and round
  • Kate from Wellington, New Zealandthis song is about how some of the choices we make soon come back and bite us on the bum.
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