Diamonds and Coal

Album: Light Grenades (2006)


  • This song's title "Diamonds and Coal" represents how a relationship between a couple may become or begin badly to symbolize coal. We have to understand that there are trails and conflicts we encounter in a relationship, but if we try we can keep things together and go from coal to a diamond. The song's meaning is actually quite literal actual at one point, "Love isn't perfect even diamonds start out as coal." >>
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    Derek - Flin Flon, MB

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  • Stephan from Port Richey, FlHi ... This has nothing to do with diamond and coal. This is my first here in a very long time. There is a song by a female artist perhaps less than ten years ago. Here it is and it is a VERY Partial lyric and i hope that someone out there can recall this song...It was sung with such great passion.

    For this I pray that you will hold me dear. That is all i can recall. Again it was a female artist and the song was very VERY
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