Album: A Crow Left Of The Murder (2004)
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  • Lead singer Brandon Boyd: "That song is written in second and a half person. Lyrically, I stepped into what in my mind was what somebody else was trying to say at a very specific situation and couldn't say, so I basically stepped into their voice and said it for them." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Tim from Pgh, PaThis song, as well as "Sick, Sad Little World" have reportedly been about Dirk's split.
  • Brian from South Bend, Inthis is widely thought to be about dirk lance's relationship with brandon, dirk has been fallingout with the band for some time now.
  • Pudie Tadow from Winchestertonfieldville, IaDid anyone ever stop to think what was going on when this song was written? Dirk Lance had just left the band and although the band claims there was no bad blood, I think if you actually listened to these lyrics, you'd find the opposite to be true. Look...

    "It's easy to get high when your standing on our backs, man"

    "Will anything ever be good enough for you"

    "Stand on your own, hold your water if you can"

    "The ride's over, did you enjoy yourself?"
    "The ride's over, fairing well?!"

    Brandon's saying that Dirk was along for the ride, but never sastisfied and then trying to act like things were okay when they weren't.

    Listen to the song, it's about the split, or that's what most big fans have guessed
  • Nick from Plainfiel, IlLeech is about someone who depends sloely on another person (hence the title) and then leaving beacuse he/she was just using the other person ("Did u ever met a leech thats good at goodbyes")?
  • Emma from Auckland, New ZealandI love this song....ok i love everything Incubus...but i can really relate to this song. the best line is "Did u ever met a leech thats good at goodbyes?" ...loves it!!!!
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaThink of Brandon's interpretation of his own song as this: You are an author writing a book. Two of the characters are having a dispute. One of them knows what they want to say, but does not know how to say it. So, you say it for them, by (literally) saying it for them.
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