Album: A Crow Left Of The Murder (2004)
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  • This song is about the ability to use words as a weapon. In the line, "My intention: a bullet, my body: a trigger finger," his intention, his belief, is the bullet that kills. His body is symbolically the "trigger finger" that writes with a pen.
  • Pen:write :: pistola:shoot. >>
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  • Chuck from San Diego, GaI believe that Jose actually wrote this song.
  • Poop from Poopville, Molol he's not saying his songs kick a$$. Hes saying how his pen is his weapon, which he uses to express himself, etc.

    how do you get "i write amazing songs" from "my pen is a pistola"... come on people
  • Joe from Berkeley Heights, Nj... This song isn't about Brandon's pen, it's about politicians, and how they can "fire the pistol" and cause wars just by signing a paper.

    "It's a fountain of youth and a patriot's weapon of choice."
  • Richie from Montclair, CaPistola is a great song, and he is crediting himself in this song. Since a Pistol is a a powerful object and the songs does refer to a pen.If you listen to the song he is saying that" Yeah MY pen is a pistola" pretty much he is saying that he can write amazing songs, and all of his lyrics kick a$$. Since a Pistol is powerful in what it does, that means his Pen is powerful in what it does, which is writing lyrics.
  • Denise from San Antonio, TxPistola is actually the Spanish word for pistol, not that it matters. The song is about words being stronger than violence, "the pen is mightier than the sword" and all of that...
  • Mike from Fredericton, CanadaI'm pretty sure that pistola is the German word for pistol. Wonder why he chose that? Something to do with portraying Bush as a nazi...?
  • Erika from Yuma, Azumm...i was refering to verbal violence.gaaaosh.
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaHe is using words, not violence to defend himself. The action he is taking by refusing to use violence as the answer, is what allows him to be unafraid of his adversaries. For we all know that violence is not the answer.
  • Chris from Monticello, KyThis song has nothing to do with violence, it's about how he doesn't need violence because his pen is his pistola.
  • Erika from Yuma, Azwow children when will we ever learn that violence isnt the answer to anything? but it does help when someones in dire need of enlightenment.
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