Sick, Sad, Little World

Album: A Crow Left Of The Murder (2004)
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  • This song was written about bassist Dirk Lance. He was asked to leave after the Morning View Tour. >>
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    Jess - Springfeild, IL
  • The alternate title for this song is "Turbo Geek/He Said." >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Alphonso from Los Angeles California@dano first off, you are completely biased, let's say that right off the bat. Here's why:
    The stuff that Dirk plays in fungus amongus and enjoy incubus (practically the exact same s--t for the exception of 2 songs) as a mass, requires Way more skill than what Ben Kenney plays, even more so now that kenneys basslines are maybe 4 different notes changes to a bar at most, with a few flares here and there. It doesn't take a genius to see that. Secondly, Ben was originally a guitarist, so naturally he uses a pick for most of his lines and rarely in any of his songs does he finger play. As for that double pick, finger pick deal, I highly doubt, and have never seen him finger play faster than someone can play with a pick (to be honest I think that, you think Ben is playing a fingerstyle, when he actually uses a pick. He uses a pick for most of his songs). Even if that were true, it could make sense that he uses 3-4 fingers to finger play. It's a moot point obviously, it offers virtually nothing to the who is better situation. thirdly, Dirk lance is and continues to grow as a bassist, (see Willie's nerve clinic) while as Ben seems to regress, because of the restrain the band is putting on their skills. dirk has a more crowd friendly style, he can slap...FAST, he can fingerplay fast as well, there are some really interesting baselines that have been produced during dirks time.. many of which are soooo damn fun to play

    In conclusion, Ben is a Great guitarist, but to say a "great bassist" would be a little too much. His guitar skills implemented on bass sound really cool and opened new dimensions to incubus sound. Just the type of sound that doesn't require much skill. Not that he can't get better, the band just isn't making use of technical growth with the type of songs they're making. I love both bassists regardless, they're the influence I use to get up and want to play. Every. Single. Day. And the influence I use to create baselines. and come on "fungus amongus baselines aren't that hard to play"? Play speak free and trouble in 421 to proficiency and then say that. Way harder of a time for me than to play any of Ben's stuff. (I can Literally play all of their stuff) that's why I feel you're biased. Even if you disagree, you can't ignore the mass consensus in favor of dirks playing. I could care less that he didn't create most of his baselines, if that's actually Even true. just to have the ability to play those songs requires alot.
  • Phil from High Wycombe, United KingdomDirected at 'Poop', the story the lyrics tell is as much a part of the song as the music is.
  • Joanna from London, United KingdomI love the instrumental bit
  • Kyle from Bristol, United KingdomYes but the song is about Dirk Lance (and I suspect leech is too after i heard that Mike wrote most of the basslines)so the question is going to come up regardless. The lyric
    "The world is a drought when out of love" was about the band as in they were generally his world, life, and that the drought when out of love referred to how they feel like they're in a drought now they had such a fight
  • Poop from Poopville, MoAwesome song, great long guitar solo, the song shows how incubus is changing but for the better imo.
  • Dano from Cowville, WiFor those of you who think Alex Katunuch, a.k.a. Dirk Lance is better than Ben Kenny, think again. I've been playing bass for seven years and the stuff that dirk put out in fungus amongus and enjoy incubus really arent that difficult to play. he has an angularity about his playing hat sets him apart from most bassists, but as far as technicality goes, ben has dirk beat. ben has much faster finger speed- he can fingerpick faster than most bassists can doublepick, and he can do it for multiple measures. thats not easy to do, and dirk never did that in any of incubus' older albums. Dirk, youre a good bassist, but Ben can DEFINITELY hold a candle to you.
  • Ashley from Moncton, CanadaThe last part of the song, Brandon Boyd's vocals at the end are my favourite.
  • Ben from Bristol, EnglandProps to the posts about Dirk outstripping Ben big time. Ben's good and ultimately the switch may be for the better of the band but Dirk is an awesome bassist. Scrap Fungus Amongus, listen to Enjoy Incubus, Dirk is phenomenal on that album. He's just got a funkiness that doesn't go however heavy he gets that Ben lacks. Not to mention he integrates with the rythmn/drums better, just listen to tracks like Hilikus and Azwethinkweiz.
  • Mel from Sydney, Australiai totally agree with u derek.ben is a good bassist and brings a new sound to the band especially in live shows which is a good change but he dosent compare to dirk.i dont think bens capable of doing what dirk did in fungus amongus & science but u never kno, he might pull something fantastic off in their coming album. i thought dirk left cz he was geting bored??
  • Derek from Ruston, LaBen is a good bassist but he can't even hold a candle to Dirk. I mean just listen to the first album "Fungus Amungus"
  • David from Stockton, Cathe world is a drought when out of love sounds like a metaphor for being sad because they were losing dirk. But the world really is a drought when out of love, it's just dry and full of hate. Also sounds like Dirk wasn't able to sacrifice, collaborate or cooperate, which lead me to believe that brandon didn't think dirk was full of much love for the band.
  • Clariisa from Manhattan, NyIlove this song,and yes the guitar solo is awesome!.but now that I know that this song is about there former bassist Dirk I had a question .What exactly does the line "the world is a drought when out of love" have to do with Dirk leaving the band?
  • Nate from Aurora, IlGreat stuff...i agree with nicky. their new stuff rocks almost, if not just as hard as their old stuff....great, meaningful song..I LOVE INCUBUS
  • Nicky from Bournemoth, EnglandThis song is definately a goodie, solo, vocals AND bass. I dont like that everyone puts ben down, he's just as good, and incubus' music didnt change because of him joining, the whole bands music changed. And i like their latest songs as much as their first songs. Fantastic stiff
  • Chris from Columbus, OhFrom my understanding, Dirk left the band to start a family. I thought the song kept up the reoccuring theme throughout much of Incubus's work about the downsides of sloth and procrastination.
  • Mel from Sydney, Australiaif u love the solo in this song i suggest buy 'Alive at Red Rocks' dvd, the solo goes for twice as long & is such nitense stuff

  • Imraan from Auckland, New ZealandI had no idea that this was the origin of the song. i hav to admit, ben kenny is a VERY talented musician, and his contribution to the songwriting of ACLOFM was good, yet i still think that i prefer dirk as a bassist
  • Dan from Stourbridge, EnglandI always imagined the song was about the sick and horrifick things goin on in the world, such as megalomaniac portraying the whole hate for george bush, and megalomania, including the face of hitler, and i have always seen this album as a rage against the machine influenced album. I do agree though that Dirk was an amazing bassist, but ben kenney is extreemley talented
  • Christopher from Girard, KsThis Song is Awesome!!! i have it downloaded to a MP3, the guitar Solo is awesome! Incubus is the best band that i have heard!!!
  • Jess from Springfeild, IlIt's almost like they are slamming Dirk through out the verese's but come back to say "hey we want you back in the band" in the chorus. I'm not really sure what happened with dirk and the band or if they are even on good terms anymore, I really wish he would come back, Ben is half the bassist he was. Anyone know the Dirk story or whats going on?
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsAlso, this album is pretty damn good. I can remember listening to Make Yourself several years ago and realizing it was the first album I could recall in a long time that was consistently good from first track to last. Morning View seemed to have a few weak songs, but they seemed to get the groove back in Crow Left of the Murder.
  • Travis from Lawrence, KsIt seems as though the band and Dirk had major conflicts with regards to the artistic evolution of Incubus. Brandon Boyd said the band wanted to "look ahead, rather than in the opposite direction." The lyrics in this song sort of demonstrate some of the disdain they obviously had for Dirk. Powerful stuff.
  • Belinda from Miami, FlWow, I didn't know that. I always wondered what the scoop on that was. Does anybody know the story?
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaThis is definitely the best song on the album. Especially the guitar solo ;) Brandon's vocals are also exceptional.
  • Lyndon from Christchurch, New ZealandI love the big guitar solo on this song. Very good song 1 of the best on the new album. You should go out and buy the album.
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