The Warmth

Album: Make Yourself (1999)


  • This is about not getting caught up in the materialistic superficial machine that pushes us ahead everyday, never stopping or flinching. Not to get brought down by the careless and preoccupation with meaningless things that everybody is so tuned to. Feel the warmth before you die, find the meaningful things in life, and have relationships with the other lost human beings out as well having that same relationship with the environment around you. Life is short and it is so easy to get caught up with the B.S. >>
    Suggestion credit:
    Jeremy - Shelbyville, KY

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  • Evan from Reading, Pathis songs about not worrying about dumb things in the world that bring you down, and to focus on the good in life.

    VVV and a kid from phoenixville WOULD be blazed haha, im not far from there
  • Robert from Houston , Txi have to agree with josh warmth is good song to blaze to but aqueous transmisson it like ten times better
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, Azthis song is about strength/courage against the "cold wind" of living in the "hard/tough city. As Roger Waters said years earlier, "don't be afraid to care." Pink Floyd, the Dark Side of the Moon by the way.
  • Josh from New York, Nybrian trust me aqueous transmission is much, much better high, not that this isn't good, but aqueous is on an entirely different level
  • Brian Keller from Phoenixville, Pai love this song when im blazed
  • Poop from Poopville, Mowhy do u have to be so gay... Jo-C didnt say Boyd was the best he said he was good and u have to be all "well ive seen better". If ur gonna talk about whos better than please explain urself. Anyways awesome song... but I bet theres a lot better right Dale Earnheart.
  • Dale from Palmerston NorthI dunno hes good but there are a lot better.
  • Jo-c from Lima, PeruBrandon Boyd is a lyrical genius. Period.
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