Wish You Were Here

Album: Morning View (2001)
Charted: 27 60
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  • Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd said "Wish You Were Here" is "a simple and straightforward ditty about the beauty of a moment in paradise. And the desire to share that moment with someone of like mind."
  • Before Morning View was recorded, Incubus moved into a house together on Morning View Drive in Malibu (thus the album title) and took weeks to set up their equipment and get settled. Chris Kilmore had plastic turntables that he put all over the house and Mike Einziger played a record called Tahitian Island Music pretty much nonstop. >>
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    Tim - Pittsburgh, PA, for above 2
  • Incubus recorded this late on for Morning View. "It came really quickly, because we had been sort of doing that creative weight training for five, almost six months," Boyd said to NME about the track. "We kept saying the album felt like it needed something else, like one more. There's one more in us. And if I'm remembering correctly, we knocked that one out really quickly."
  • Incubus' label chose the song as Morning View's first single, a decision the band unanimously agreed with. It peaked at #2 on the US Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart and #4 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock tally.
  • The song features in the video game Donkey Konga 2.
  • Rapper Charles Hamilton samples the track on his 2010 song "The Incubator."
  • British rock band Lower Than Atlantis covered the song as a bonus track on The Black Edition of their 2014 self-titled album.

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  • Eli from Hurst, Txnice song i dedicate it to my best friend!
  • Erik from Brownwood, Txi love the song... my life is not so great on the family scale and my ex is what made me happy but the one i love is my current gf... my baby is what holds me together... and some times i just with my ex was here and my current gf is there... but i realize i do love her. she just doesnt make me happy
  • Stephanie from Huntsville, AlThis is one of my favorite songs! Everytime I hear I think of my best friend and how much I miss hanging out with her!
  • Luke from New York, AntarticaThe line, "the sky resembles a backlit canopy, with holes punched in it" is so cool.
  • Dave from New Haven, Ct"The worlds a rollercoaster and I am not strapped in. Maybe I should hold with care but my hands are busy in the air."
  • Rachel from Boston<3, Mai really like the line " the ocean looks like a thousand diamonds strewn across a blue blanket" i really know exactly what brandon is describing
  • Rachel from Boston<3, Mathis song is great. it really causes me to feel peaceful, with the imagery of the lyrics and the mellow guitar at the beginning and that comes in at various points throughout the song.
  • Weston from Aztec, NmFavorite song for at least 6 years now, remends me of the people who realy matter to me, past and present.
  • Phil from High Wycombe, United KingdomIncubus have managed to get people to feel an emotion or be reminded of something when listening to thier music, and thats not an easy thing to do. I think that's why they are so successful. Cheers, Phil
  • Joanna from London, United KingdomIt reminds me of going on holiday and wanting my friends to be their too. Or just generally wanting to share an experience with someone.
  • Courtney from Salt Lake City, UtThis song reminds me of ex boyfriend,one of the greatest loves of my life. We think a lot alike and I know that if I were in paradise somewhere, he would be the first person I would want there with me. I recently found out he is getting married within a week or two and this song makes me feel better and holds faith in my heart for my future.
  • Nicole from Chicago, IlThis song has really beautiful lyrics, with great imagery. It makes me think of a trip to Florida, it came on my Ipod shuffle on the drive from the airport to our condo, and I realized, "I really AM about to see the ocean." That's why this song makes me sad-it speaks of something so beautiful that I can't see...because I live in Chicago.
  • Sandra from Sykesville, MdThis song makes me happy :]
    I always think of my parents when I hear it
  • Cal from Baltimore, Mdthis song is amazing it reminds me of a trip i took in california after my dad died that trip was the first time i was actually happy
  • Shane from Tampa, Fl- Tim, Pittsburgh, PA

    Incubus is garbage compared to pink floyd.

    thats like comparing blink 182 and led zeppelin
  • Jamee from Oklahoma City, OkI like this, it reminds me of someone special.
  • Shelly from Nmb, Sctheres the million dollar cruise without your loved one.not that worth it.but still a favorite in my book.
  • James from Alden, NyI was in 9th grade when this song came out, it was around the same time I lost a classmate. This song helped me, and now whenever I heard it I think of her.
  • Laura from EdmontonBeing somewhere breathe taking and feeling undescribable and wanting to share that with someone. Wishing they were next to you so bad, because the moment is seemingly perfect, but at the same time so imperfect because they are not with you. The persons yearing for the other person to be there with them almost ruins the moment because for them to enjoy it they'd have to be there.
  • Jaocb from Liberty, Moman this song is sweet it reminds me of when i wakeboard cause all my stress is gone its just me and the lake
  • Emma from Auckland, New ZealandI love this song. its so mellow and happy :)
  • Mel from Sydney, Australiafinding beauty in the simple things and wanting to share it with someone who is special to you
  • Karyn from Canadai agree with tim from pittsburgh .
    what if two people have the same name .. is one person better than the other ? i think not . music rocks .. a name is just a name .as juliet from "romeo and juliet" once said "even a rose called by a different name would smell just as sweet"
  • Tim from Pittsburgh, PaJohn, I disagree. Pink Floyd rocks, yes, but Incubus most certainly does not suck. You need to check your facts. Just because they used the same title, doesn't automatically make them suck. Assuming you haven't already, try this: Listen to the music and ignore the song title.
  • Kate from Wellington, New Zealandwoah im from new zealand to!
  • Brett from Watertown, SdThere is also a Pink Floyd song called Echoes and Incubus has a song called Echo, personally I like the Floyd better
  • Helen from Dublin, IrelandIt's like a perfect moment I had once. Sitting on a beach in California and the whole world made sense and was a beautiful & perfect place. Mine wasn't drug induced though ;-)
  • Bob from Mt. Laurel, NjThere is a Pink Floyd song of the same name
  • Kat from San Antonio, TxThis song has to be my favorite from Incubus because it reminds me of my best friend.Any time he and i are apart i am always wishing he is there with me.
  • Tim from Auckland, New ZealandThe amount of times i have that feeling during the course of the day is astounding thats why i love this song because i can relate to everything he says.
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