Least Complicated

Album: Swamp Ophelia (1994)
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  • The Indigo Girls are Emily Saliers and Emily Ray. When it comes to songwriting, they contribute equally but write separately. Saliers wrote this - she told us: "I wrote that song actually sitting 2 stories above. I was in my house, I remember it very clearly, and I was looking down onto the street, and there was this boy and this girl, or young man and woman, I forget how old they were, exactly. But they were just holding hands and walking down the street. And I was going through some personal love crisis at the time - I can't even remember what it was - and I just started thinking, 'I don't want to be cynical at this young age,' but I looked down at them, and it looks so easy, and I was just like - 'You just wait.' Because what human beings do is repeat their patterns, oftentimes. I used a lot of the school metaphor, like buying a ring. I bought my seventh-grade boyfriend a ring, that's a true story. So the part about not being cool... like girls weren't supposed to buy boys rings, but that's what I did, and I just thought back to my school days. It's about lessons learned, that's where the image of the school days came in. And the fact that truly, if we could live our lives so much more simply in principle and not repeat the same mistakes, then we'd be happy. But it's so hard to do - at least for me."
  • Saliers says that she gave her seventh-grade boyfriend the ring: "He was pretty gracious about it. I think he was taken aback, actually. I bought it at Woolworth's. It was a really cheap, like, high-school-looking ring with a red fake stone. It was awful. I liked him so much, but that relationship didn't last past seventh grade, so it's okay." (Check out our interview with Emily Saliers.)
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  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesI like the Indigo Girls too, but you don't hear much of them in th UK unfortunately
  • Vanessa from Flint, MiI love the Indigo Girls, and I can so identify with this song! When i was in high school, i did a similar thing. i bought a horrible, cheap ring for a popular girl who didn't really care that i even existed.
  • Ann from Baltimore, MdOne of my favorites- you can really belt it out as you sing along with it. Also just so poignant and universally relevant.
  • Bethany from Carrier Mills, Ili love this song, no matter what the song is accually about, i think its one of those anyone can relate to.
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