Blood Brothers

Album: Brave New World (2000)
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  • Iron Maiden bass player Steve Harris wrote this song, which deals with the death of his father: "Just for a second a glimpse of my father I see." The song also touches on life and what might eventually be beyond it. The image of the departed father shows how the memories of those who left give us a look into life after death: "And in a moment the memories are all that remain, And all the wounds are reopening again." >>
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    Ryan - Bethany, OK
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Comments: 2

  • Kimberly from Landing, NjBlood remains the borders of mankind. the gifts of familly is granted, if only known by all mankind . the book is unwritten, as we walk thru the garden of life. lessons shell be learned. life is a lesson. if not noticed , it will repeat.
    love the knowledge. if seen thru brothers eyes.
  • Anthony from Parsippany, Nj"When you think that we've used all our chances
    And the chance to make everything right
    Keep on making the same old mistakes
    Makes untipping the balance so easy
    When we're living our lives on the edge
    Say a prayer on the book of the dead"

    Gives me chills...especially the guitar solo that follows.
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